OluKai Releases One-of-a-kind Collection as tribute to Hōkūle‘a’s Homecoming

June 5, 2017

Commemorative Sandals Feature Actual Hōkūle‘a Sailcloth

Orange County, CA ─ June 5, 2017 ─ OluKai announces the launch of commemorative Hōkūle‘a-inspired footwear collection featuring actual pieces of sailcloth used on Hōkūle‘a. The collection will be available in extremely limited distribution on June 17, 2017 in conjunction with Hōkūle‘a’s return to Hawai‘i. Over the past three years, Hōkūle‘a navigators and crew have used the stars, sea and waves to navigate the traditional Hawaiian voyaging canoe around the world visiting more than 100 ports and 27 nations to deliver their message of “Mālama Honua” (to care for Mother Earth).

Drawing inspiration from the Hōkūle‘a, OluKai’s exceptional collection incorporates several different elements, including parts of the actual sail from the Hōkūle‘a used in previous voyages, sailing-inspired zig-zag stitch details, and a laser-etched footbed depicting the Hōkūle‘a’s navigation of the open ocean.

The hand-crafted Hōkūle‘a Pe‘a is in a class of its own, featuring full-straps made from the actual sail of the Hōkūle‘a, a handmade wooden box, and a hand numbered certificate of authenticity. Only 115 pairs of the Hōkūle‘a Pe’a will be available to purchase. Each pair retails for $300 with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting the Polynesian Voyaging Society. The rare Hōkūle‘a Pe’a will be made available June 17 at the Hōkūle‘a Homecoming in Hawai‘i as well as on OluKai.com. Each pair is an opportunity to own a piece of history in celebration of Hōkūle‘a’s adventurous spirit.

The Hōkūle‘a PaePae features part of the sailcloth as a badge formed in the shape of a voyaging canoe sail, as well as sail inspired zig-zag stitching on the straps. It will be available in extremely limited quantities at select Hawai‘i-only retailers in June 2017 and in hand selected Mainland specialty retail stores in January 2018.

The third sandal of the collection, the Hōkūle‘a Kia, combines zig-zag stitch detail on the upper straps with a laser-etched footbed of the Hōkūle‘a underway and will be available in select retail stores as well as OluKai.com in January 2018. The Hōkūle‘a PaePae and the Hōkūle‘a Kia range from $125-$150 with part of the proceeds going to the Ama OluKai Foundation, helping OluKai continue to preserve and celebrate the cultural heritage and Aloha spirit in Hawai‘i.

The Hōkūle‘a Homecoming is one of the most significant cultural achievements in Hawai‘i, delivering her message of Mālama Honua. The iconic vessel is scheduled to return from its Worldwide Voyage on Saturday, June 17 after sailing nearly 40,000 nautical miles since departing Hawaiian waters in May 2014. OluKai proudly supports Hōkūle‘a and her mission of delivering Mālama Honua across the globe. As part of that support, OluKai is a title sponsor of the feature length documentary sharing the story of Hōkūle‘a worldwide voyage, slated for worldwide premiere in Spring 2018. On June 17, to coincide with the homecoming of Hōkūle‘a, OluKai will exclusively live stream a 30-minute preview of the documentary on OluKai.com, taking viewers on a journey around the world.

More information on this commemorative collection can be found at https://www.olukai.com/hokulea-homecoming.html 

About OluKai:
OluKai is a sought after lifestyle brand that believes everyone, no matter where they are, can live Aloha. OluKai products feature thoughtful design elements and handcrafted details inspired by the ocean lifestyle. We are committed to partnering with best-of-class retailers with whom we share an unwavering pursuit of excellence. OluKai’s spirit is shared by others through the Ama OluKai Foundation, a 501(c)(3) created to formalize the company’s giveback initiatives. Every OluKai sold supports Ama OluKai Foundation’s mission in Hawai‘i. For more information visit www.OluKai.com or #AnywhereAloha.

About Hōkūle‘a:

A symbol of cultural revival, the history of Hōkūle‘a is also being shared on this journey to inspire other indigenous cultures. This replica of an ancient Polynesian voyaging canoe was built 40 years ago and revitalized voyaging and navigation traditions throughout the Pacific. The canoe’s twin hulls allow her to handle large ocean swells and recover easily in the troughs of waves, and her triangular canvas sails can harness winds up to 20 knots. Hōkūle‘a first set out on the Pacific Ocean in 1975. Through the revival of the traditional art and science of wayfinding (navigating the sea using only the ocean swells, stars, and wind) Hōkūle‘a sparked a Hawaiian cultural renaissance and has reawakened the world’s sense of pride and strength as voyagers charting a course for our Island Earth.

About the Polynesian Voyaging Society:

The Polynesian Voyaging Society was founded in 1973 on a legacy of Pacific Ocean exploration, seeking to perpetuate the art and science of traditional Polynesian voyaging and the spirit of exploration through experiential educational programs that inspire students and their communities to respect and care for themselves, one other, and their natural and cultural environments.