onX Backcountry Teams Up with SheJumps as Exclusive Navigation Partner

March 8, 2022

Missoula, Mont. – March 8, 2022 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – onX Backcountry, an outdoor navigation and discovery app, is partnering with SheJumps, a nonprofit with the vision of unearthing the potential of all women and girls through outdoor play. As SheJumps’ official navigation partner, onX Backcountry aims to make the outdoors more inclusive by empowering girls and women to confidently plan adventures and explore new landscapes.

onX Backcountry equips trail blazers and powder seekers of all levels with industry-leading GPS tools and rich content, including 770K+ trails and nearly 30K guide-book adventures. As an exclusive navigation partner, onX Backcountry will provide the SheJumps community with a free month-long trial. After that time, users will have the option to purchase an annual membership with a 20% discount. Additionally, a portion of each membership sold through the partnership will be donated back to SheJumps to support the organization’s mission. By putting adventure information at their fingertips, onX Backcountry hopes to inspire and empower girls and women across the country to confidently navigate new terrain, whether on trail or snow.

“At onX, we create products for those who seek connection to nature,” said onX Backcountry VP of Marketing, Chris Harvey Bate. “Those experiences can be simple, but they can also be life changing–especially when you have the right resources at hand and friends alongside. That’s why we’re excited to partner with SheJumps, a community that has provided girls and women with the tools, inspiration, and camaraderie to hone their skills and explore the outdoors for 15 years. onX Backcountry will be another valuable resource in their toolkit, helping create memorable outdoor experiences.”

“SheJumps’ mission is to foster safe, educational outdoor experiences for girls and women that nurture growth and transformation,” said SheJumps Executive Director, Claire Smallwood. “Partners like onX Backcountry allow us to enrich those opportunities. Not only are we keen on the app’s ability to help us plan and execute outdoor trips, we’re also excited about the company’s commitment to ensure everyone has access to nature and outdoor experiences.”

This partnership is one of the many ways onX Backcountry is celebrating women who thrive on the trail and snow. Check out the company’s blog and social media feeds throughout the month of March, and in years to come, to find more inspiring content showcasing various women who enrich our outdoor community with their passion and accomplishments.

To activate the exclusive onX Backcountry offer and to give back to the organization, SheJumps participants can head to the onX website here: https://www.onxmaps.com/backcountry/r/jw8f72l

About onX Backcountry

onX Backcountry empowers trailblazers and powder seekers of all levels to find new outdoor experiences and relive old favorites. Unlike other apps on the market, onX Backcountry combines industry-leading GPS tools with expert-curated adventure content. Members can enjoy access to 770K+ trails and nearly 30,000 guide-book adventures for an annual cost of $29.99. Because off-the-beaten-path experiences are at the heart of what onX does, the company also leads initiatives to protect and expand access to public land and promote stewardship opportunities. Learn more at https://www.onxmaps.com/onx-access-initiatives

About SheJumps

SheJumps’ mission is to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities, unearthing their potential through play and connection to nature. SheJumps accomplishes its mission by hosting events across the U.S. that offer a wide variety of outdoor activities, from wilderness survival and mountaineering to hikes on local trails and skill-building clinics. Through low-cost and free outdoor education and group activities, we create a supportive, safe, inspiring community to nurture all degrees of transformation. For more information, visit www.shejumps.org.