Orage Ski Apparel Elevates its Commitment to the U.S. Market Introducing Gilltek® Breathable Insulation Technology

October 2, 2023

MONTREAL /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Orage, a pioneering ski apparel brand celebrated for its innovative outerwear design and roots in freeskiing, is doubling down on its dedication to the U.S. market. Founded in 1989, and headquartered in Montreal, Orage is elevating its commitment to the Unites States with expanded product distribution, introducing its groundbreaking Gilltek™ breathable insulation technology.

Gilltek breathable insulation technology, a testament to Orage’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of winter sports apparel, represents a paradigm shift in comfort and performance. This revolutionary technology, distinguished by its ability to effectively manage moisture, is engineered to keep outdoor enthusiasts warm and dry, without overheating.

Key features of Gilltek technology include:

  • Breathability: Gilltek technology is a unique breathable insulation system. It consists of aa special baffle construction designed to remove excess heat.
  • Sustainability: Gilltek products are crafted with recycled nylon ripstop fabrics and 100% recycled content, incorporating vegan-friendly synthetic insulation (PrimaLoft® Thermoplume®).
  • Versatility: Giltek technology enhances Orage’s layering system, providing comfort during both high-impact and low-impact activities.

For Fall/Winter 2023, Orage’s Gilltek technology is incorporated into over XX styles, including key pieces such as the men’s Morrison GillTek Jacket (MSRP $132.99) and women’s Phoenix Gilltek Jacket (MSRP $219.99 USD).

“We are excited to continue growing our audience and deepening our commitment to the U.S. market,” said Eric D’Anjou, current owner and Orage founder. “Our Gilltek technology represents a seismic shift in the way we experience winter sports. With Orage, the cold becomes an opportunity for exhilaration, not a barrier.”

For more information about Orage and its Gilltek breathable insulation technology for Fall/Winter 2023, please visit https://us.orage.com . The highly anticipated Fall/Winter 2023 collection introduces a range of premium, durable technical products encompassing ski apparel, insulation, casual wear, base layers and accessories.

Established in 1989, Orage has consistently pushed the boundaries of technical outerwear, delivering innovative apparel and bold styles that empower skiers to embrace the elements. With a legacy spanning over three decades as freeskiing’s original outerwear brand, and a passion to innovate through style, Orage has become a global leader in the industry.