Orange Mud athlete Jake Jackson and Team USA win the 24 Hour World Championships in Albi, France

October 31, 2019

Team USA Women and Men demonstrate incredible speed!

The USA 24 Hour World Championships is a 24 hour running competition where the fastest qualifying runners in the world compete, as teams and individually, for the most mileage in 24 hours on a track and mixed surface loop. Team USA was stacked with amazing athletes Jake Jackson, Harvey Lewis, Steve Slaby, Greg Armstrong, Olivier Leblond and Rich Riopel on the men’s team, and Megan Alvarado, Camille Herron, Pam Proffitt Smith, Gina Slaby, Katalin Nagy, and Courtney Dauwalter representing the women’s team.

Team USA men and women set an amazing pace out of the gate, which not only put them in first place as a team overall for men and women, but the men set a new record of 799.754km with the top 3 runners, besting the previous Belgium record of 791.901 km. Team USA women set a new record of 746.132 km over the previous USA record of 740.856.

Team USA’s Camille Herron led USA women’s team with the overall women’s category win of 270.116 km (167.84 mi). Orange Mud athlete Jake Jackson took 7th in the men’s, and 2nd place on the Team USA overall standings, with 265.650 km (165.067 miles) in 24 hours. Simply outstanding and hard to process mileage from Team USA and the rest of the amazing global teams!

“I asked Jake Jackson how he’s processing the magnitude of this accomplishment on such a global stage and he noted “I’ve been catching myself, in between dad and husband duties, thinking how the heck did you do that?!” said Josh Sprague. We’re extremely proud to know this amazing person on and off the field.

To learn more and see the results, please visit the IAU page.


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