Orange Mud Expands International Distribution in South Africa

March 25, 2019

Castle Rock, CO Orange Mud expands international distribution in South Africa. 

Ballistic Bike Trading brings 10 years of expertise in the cycling industry and a diverse product range that is going to place Orange Mud at the heart of every endurance riders gear arsenal…..Trail. Road. Whatever. Start your next adventure knowing that we have your back. 

When we started back in twenty-o-nine, we had a simple vision – to bring world class cycling gear and customer service to South Africa. We import premium gear, we ride what we stock, and we honor all product warranties.

We are very particular about the gear we stock, and are not satisfied with anything but the highest quality standards. We travel to international bike expos to stay on top of the game. Providing you with premium brands and honest quality service is not the sum total of our vision. We also help you discover the newest and the best products on the market, by going out of our way to search out and test them ourselves.

Ballistic Bike Trading, bringing you the best gear in the world – helping you keep the rubber side down. 

Be sure to visit for more information on Orange Mud products and follow us on Facebook in South Africa. 

For additional information in Norway, please contact. 
Orange Mud South Africa
c/o: Ballistic Bike Trading
Phone: +27 (0) 11 023 4478

You can learn more about Orange Mud Hydration Packs and Accessories at

About Orange Mud: Orange Mud was founded in 2012 by Josh Sprague after being driven to “Innovation through Frustration.” After years of Adventure Racing, Mountain Biking, Running and Triathlon, Josh needed a stable, comfortable, and functional pack that just wasn’t available on the market. Starting with a single bottle carrier prototype, and growing to now offer over 50 hydration packs and accessories, the mission of Orange Mud has remained the same. Create innovative products that work just as well for the elite runner as the person at the back of the pack who’s spending the most amount of time testing the true limits of themselves and their gear!