Orange Mud Expands International Distribution with Global Hydration in Canada

March 12, 2019


Castle Rock, CO Orange Mud expands international distribution with Global Hydration in Canada. 

Global Hydration has been thinking outside of the bottle since 2001 when it developed a portable water purification system for emergency applications as an alternative to bottled water. Co-founded by brothers Andrew and Ian Moorey, Global Hydration continues to work in it’s traditional space by supplying unique water treatment solutions for humanitarian aid groups, fire and rescue teams and remote industry but has also grown into a specialist in product distribution and e-commerce. Representing brands such as Orange Mud, Aquatabs, Squirrel’s Nut Butter, NipStrips and Vapro, Andrew and Ian have developed an extensive distribution network and team dedicated to helping Canadian access specialized products from around the globe. 

The Global Hydration team are active outdoor sport enthusiasts, carefully choosing brands and products to represent in Canada that are close to their hearts, hobbies and passions.

Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Moorey on Orange Mud, “As a trail runner working towards my first 50km this summer, I’m thrilled that we can represent Orange Mud in Canada. Orange Mud shares our love for innovation, product quality and customer service so it’s a perfect match. Personally, Orange Mud products are going to be a key part of my training this summer and I can’t wait to cross the line in Orange!”

Check back on https://orangemud.ca/ for more information on Orange Mud products. 

For additional information in Canada, please contact:

Orange Mud Canada
c/o: Global Hydration
202-8A Cumberland St. North
Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4L1
Attention: Andrew Moorey, Co-Founder & CEO
Phone: 807-577-0030 Ext. 801
Email: andrew.moorey@globalhydration.com

You can learn more about Orange Mud Hydration Packs and Accessories at www.orangemud.com.

About Orange Mud: Orange Mud was founded in 2012 by Josh Sprague after being driven to “Innovation through Frustration.” After years of Adventure Racing, Mountain Biking, Running and Triathlon, Josh needed a stable, comfortable, and functional pack that just wasn’t available on the market. Starting with a single bottle carrier prototype, and growing to now offer over 50 hydration packs and accessories, the mission of Orange Mud has remained the same. Create innovative products that work just as well for the elite runner as the person at the back of the pack who’s spending the most amount of time testing the true limits of themselves and their gear!