November 29, 2017

Offer includes $75 toward a new 3+ transceiver

LONGMONT, CO – Some things get better with age. Electronic safety equipment isn’t one of them. That’s why Ortovox is continuing its Beacon Retirement Program, offering a $75 credit toward a new 3+ beacon with Smart Antenna Technology, to make being found easier.

ORTOVOX is committed to mountain safety. From now until April 15, 2018, older transceivers of any make can be retired at a participating ORTOVOX dealer where they will be recycled and traded for a credit toward the triple-antenna ORTOVOX 3+ digital beacon. For a list of dealers, visit www.ORTOVOX.com. Those who do not live near a dealer and wish to participate in this offer are encouraged to arrange an exchange by mail. Contact info for participating dealers is available HERE.

“If you have an analog single-antenna, or even digital, double-antenna transceiver, now’s the chance to get your buddies off your back – friends don’t let friends carry vintage beacons,” said Tom Mason, ORTOVOX brand manager. “Outdated safety equipment is a liability not only to you but to those around you.”

The ORTOVOX 3+ transceiver’s Smart-Antenna Technology makes being found easier, regardless of what kind of transceivers searchers are using. It works by analyzing the position of its antennas and automatically switching to the best transmission antenna. It’s similar to the way a smart phone adjusts its display in response to horizontal or vertical orientation. The result is almost double the range in the worst coupling position regardless of the beacon used to search. A vertically situated transmitting antenna without this technology is more difficult for searchers to detect.

With only two buttons and both visual and audible search cues, the intuitive design of the 3+ makes it simple to use, even in a time of panic. The center button allows for flagging in the event of a multiple burial, and an automatic secondary avalanche switchover changes modes from search to transmit if no motion is detected for 120 seconds during a search. Adding an additional element to this transceiver’s unique ability to be found, the 3+ also includes Recco technology, making it highly visible to search-and-rescue operations in any kind of terrain. The 3+ transceiver retails at $339 ($264 with trade-in credit).

“The Ortovox Beacon Retirement Program and partnership with AIARE demonstrates its focus on safety in the backcountry,” said AIARE Executive Director Richard Bothwell. “There is no magic bullet to eliminate avalanche incidents. It takes the combination of education, the right gear, good planning and a solid decision-making process to safely and successfully travel in the backcountry.”

“First and foremost, the 3+ beacon is going to give you the best chance of being found,” said Mason. “Despite the competence of the user, older technology is vulnerable to performance deteriorating forces, often unnoticed. The goal of this program is to retire these transceivers from field use. Participants should consider using the money they saved at trade in as a way to invest in an AIARE avalanche course this season.”

Avalanche Canada’s guidelines for identifying obsolete gear can be found here.


Based in Taufkirchen, Germany, ORTOVOX is the world’s leading supplier of avalanche transceivers and rescue equipment. More than thirty years of evolution and experience in the mountains enables ORTOVOX to offer a wide range of products catering to mountaineers and adventurers whose playgrounds are the mountains of the world. The complete line of mountain products includes technical apparel and accessories, ABS-packs, backpacks, avalanche rescue equipment and safety equipment for professional and recreational use. For media info, contact Chris Hrenko, chris@palemorning.com.