Outbound Collective Recruits Leaders and Sponsors for #EveryoneOutside City Project

March 9, 2022

Community-based organization will open urban chapters and bring the Outbound Collective community to life in cities across the country.

San Francisco – March 9, 2022 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – The Outbound Collective, a diverse community of everyday adventurers building the industry’s most comprehensive guide to getting outside, is taking its mission to get everyone outside to the city streets with the launch of the #EveryoneOutside City Project. Beginning today, Outbound Collective is accepting applications for members of its community to open and lead Outbound chapters in their cities. These City Project Leaders will receive equity ownership in the company, among other benefits, as they work closely with Outbound’s team to help bring their local community together for accessible and fun outdoor outings.

“People are feeling isolated, disconnected, and anxious. There’s a heightened desire to be a part of something – to reconnect, roam, explore, and to try new things. Real-world human connection has never been more important, so we are very excited to announce our new #EveryoneOutside City Project,” said Brian Heifferon, co-founder and CEO of Outbound Collective. “We offer a remedy for the problems of modern life by helping restore human connection and belonging in the outdoors via local communities.”

The grassroots, city-by-city approach aligns with Outbound’s long-term commitment to build a more inclusive and accessible outdoors for everyone. Their goal is to establish up to 10 city chapters in key regions across the country in the first year. People can apply online starting today.

At launch, there are already three City Project Leaders in three cities:

  • Akron, Ohio – Lindsey Wyckoff
  • Chicago, Illinois – Matt Moy
  • West Central, Texas – Jahmicah and Heather Dawes

Heifferon added, “We are intentionally starting our first Outbound chapters in locations that are not traditionally considered ‘outdoorsy’ hubs. The locations that we’re launching with are designed to positively model the types of cities/regions that we hope to shine a brighter light on.”

The Outbound Collective’s popular, award-winning #EveryoneOutside Film series will now focus on #EveryoneOutside City Project leaders from across the country. The films will celebrate the importance of human connection, belonging, and local community and will showcase the unique beauty and topography of various regions.

The Outbound is also recruiting partners to support the launch. “Our goal is to build a vibrant, diverse, and expansive outdoor community that celebrates inclusion and getting everyone outside. We want to work closely with select partners who share our vision for a modern outdoors, so that we can integrate them within our community as active participants and contributors.”

Outbound Collective’s #EveryoneOutside City Project is presented in partnership with HOKA, and with additional support from Kampgrounds of America, Coleman, Sawyer, and Eddie Bauer.


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