Outdoor Market Alliance Hosts Two Market Weeks in June for Specialty Retailers

May 26, 2023

May 26, 2022 – LAKEWOOD, CO/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Outdoor Market Alliance (OMA), a collective of 25 independent sales and marketing agencies representing over 175 different brands in the outdoor and active lifestyle markets, is hosting its third market week series next month, from June 5th-8th and June 26th-30th.

Based on growing success, the OMA is now welcoming Rockies regional retail buyers over the course of two weeks at its outdoor industry hub in Lakewood, where attendees can preview new product, merchandise shop assortments, and place purchase orders all from one convenient and central location. In what has quickly become a year-round destination for outdoor specialty retailers, the OMA offers retail buyers a space to visit and do business with nearly 200 brands nearly any day of the year.

OMA partner Elastic will be offering breakfast to attending retailers, in addition to education and training for those interested in implementing their next-generation B2B tools for streamlined efficiencies in purchasing and merchandising. OMA will be providing lunch for both retailers and OMA members.

“Our market weeks are now proven to be both efficient and preferred by many of our Rockies-based retail buyers, so much so that we’ve extended them seasonally into two-week events each summer and fall,” said Axel Geittmann, president and founding board member of OMA. “We’re focused on true brand and retailer partnerships, and sharing this space where buyers can do business at their convenience with considerable savings around time and resources is proving to be a continued win.”

The OMA will also host its third Media Show, July 26th and 27th, where a growing number of editors and journalists are able to preview new products and discover new stories from outdoor and active lifestyle brands, all onsite at OMA’s Denver hub.

“Our vision in creating the OMA was in finding new ways of doing business, and we’ve quickly become an epicenter for the outdoor industry here in Denver,” added Geittmann. “It’s been as much by design as by seeing and meeting needs as they arise, and we’re excited for where it will lead us next.”

The Outdoor Market Alliance is located at 11111 West 6th Avenue in Lakewood, Colorado. For more information and to view brands in residence, visit www.outdoormarketalliance.org.

About Outdoor Market Alliance

Outdoor Market Alliance is a collective of 25 independent sales and marketing agencies representing over 175 different brands in the outdoor, active lifestyle, resort, run and bike markets in the Rockies. Located in Lakewood, Colorado, the OMA physical location offers 32,000 square feet of showroom and community meeting space. OMA’s mission is two-fold: to elevate the experience for its brand partners and retailers through a fresh showroom venue, while acting responsibly to support community initiatives through its non-profit association. Each OMA agency commits time and monetary support to the environment, diversity and inclusivity in the outdoor markets. Learn more at www.outdoormarketalliance.org