Outdoor Market Alliance launches Denver Media Show September 29-30

September 7, 2022

Building on collaborative momentum, emerging outdoor sales venue works with PR teams, brands to create new type of media showroom.

September 7, 2022 – DENVER, CO /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Building on the collaborative momentum created by 25 outdoor industry sales agencies, Outdoor Market Alliance — a unique and emerging venue in the Denver Metro area — will host a media showroom on Sept. 29 and 30 geared toward outdoor- industry editors and writers.

The showroom takes advantage of the fact that Outdoor Market Alliance, which opened earlier this year, houses product displays for 175 outdoor, run, bike and resort brands, all at a permanent location on the west side of Denver, near Golden, Colo. It encompasses 32,000 square feet of showroom and community meeting space.

Moving beyond the sales sphere and into marketing, and working in tandem with outdoor industry PR agencies and brands, Outdoor Market Alliance saw an opportunity to create a community-driven event that serves the needs of media. The showroom will offer the ability to learn about current and future-season initiatives from a wide range of outdoor brands — all at a venue where journalists are able to see a large number of brands over the course of a day or two.

Outdoor Market Alliance is a non-profit organization that was created around the common need shared by a group of Rocky Mountain-area sales representatives — a community venue where buyers could come and see a multitude of brands in a permanent location. The goal is making the purchasing process easier and more flexible for retail buyers in the process.

In June, Outdoor Market Alliance held its first Summer Market Week with over 250 individual specialty retail buyers in attendance.

The same attributes that make Outdoor Market Alliance convenient for retail buyers also make it a well-suited location for a media showroom. By already having the latest samples for the upcoming season on site, OMA is ideally situated as a place for media to come and preview gear for future seasons. The event is also being hosted at a time separated from sales deadlines, so that reps can concentrate on interacting with buyers during their key selling season, and the media showroom can cater specifically to the needs of journalists at a different time.

“Our first Market Week in June highlighted exactly what we are trying to achieve with this space — convenience and efficiency combined with a collaborative, fun and industry-right environment for doing business,” said Axel Geittmann, president and founding board member of OMA. “We are creating a new format and a compelling vision for the future of outdoor retail. Growing that to include a media showroom that helps support our brands is a logical next step.”

Dave Simpson, partner at Verde Brand Communications, one of the PR and marketing agencies that teamed with Outdoor Market Alliance to launch the showroom, said the vision is for an event that makes it easier for media to build relationships with brands and report on what’s new in the outdoor industry.

“Hosting a media showroom at a community drive space like this makes sense for all the same reasons that OMA created the space in the first place,” Simpson said. “It not only serves a need for outdoor-focused journalists, it does so in the spirit of the larger outdoor community.”

To learn more as a member of the media, brand or PR agency, or to register, please visit: https://www.outdoormarketalliance.org/denver-media-show

About Outdoor Market Alliance

Outdoor Market Alliance is a collective of 25 independent sales and marketing agencies representing over 175 different brands in the outdoor, active lifestyle, resort, run and bike markets in the Rockies. Located in Lakewood, Colorado, the OMA physical location offers 32,000 square feet of showroom and community meeting space. OMA’s mission is two-fold; to elevate the experience for its brand partners and retailers through a fresh showroom venue, while acting responsibly to support community initiatives through its non-profit association. Each OMA agency commits time and monetary support to the environment and to diversity and inclusivity in the outdoor markets.