Outdoor Research Expands Face Mask Program, Adds New Protective Essentials Collection

November 16, 2020

Collection will now include Masks for Smaller Faces, Balaclava and Neck Gaiters with integrated filters, Gloves and a New Sport Face Mask.

SEATTLE, Wash. (Nov. 16, 2020) Outdoor Research, a longtime leader in outdoor and tactical apparel, has expanded its Protective Essentials Collection this fall, adding two new performance masks with a built-in replaceable filter, along with a range of other protective gear for face and hands, as the spread of COVID during the fall continues to cause concern around public health.

The Protective Essentials Collection is designed around the Essential Filter – a proprietary and replaceable filter. This fall, Outdoor Research has added a second face mask designed to fit smaller faces and kids, as well as a third mask option designed for higher breathability during aerobic activities, the Adrenaline Sports Face Mask. This mask holds its replaceable filter off the face.

In addition, Outdoor Research will integrate its proprietary filter technology – which filters down to 0.1 microns – into a range of everyday winter products and products designed to protect people during outdoor sports in cold weather, such as skiing. Those include the new Essential Lightweight and Midweight Ubertube, and the Essential Midweight Balaclava. Later this fall, it will also add the Essential Bandana, designed to fit over or under helmets so skiers and snowboarders can use it when in lift lines and on ski lifts, and easily remove it or drop it down for the downhill run.

In addition, Outdoor Research is adding the Essential Lightweight and Midweight Liner Gloves, which are touchscreen compatible and treated with HeiQ V-BLOCK®.

Key components of the mask and Protective Essentials products that incorporate a filter include:

  • The Essential Filter – a high-quality made-in the USA filter which provides basic bacterial filtration and sub-micron particulate protection, paired with superb breathability. A 3-pack of filters come with each face covering. Refills can be purchased separately in packs of three, ten or bulk of 25.
  • The masks and gloves are treated with HeiQ V-BLOCK®,* making them resistant to spoilage from microbes. It can be laundered up to 30 times while maintaining effectiveness.
  • Masks and other OR face coverings offer a fully customizable fit. Adjustable ear loops on the masks and a nose wire and filter pocket in all face coverings provide comfort with a secure fit.
  • The collection is washable, durable, water and stain repellent, and microbe-resistant.

Features of the new products include:

Small Face Mask Kit – Designed with all of the features of the best-selling OR Face Mask Kit, the small size is 20 % smaller than the original Face Mask and  fits people with smaller faces as well as kids more effectively. The ear loops are designed with a double fisherman’s knot for easy adjustments and a nose wire for a comfortable, secure fit that meets child-safety standards. Comes with three filters (compatible with size Medium Essential Filters).  $18.

Adrenaline Sports Face Mask – Made with a customizable fit and a highly breathable design, the Adrenaline Mask was built to keep users comfortable during high-exertion exercises and labor-intensive activities. Structured air mesh, a double nose wire, and integrated, sewn darts creates a fabric frame that lifts the mask and integrated Essential Filter off the user’s face, offering uninhibited ease of breathing during high-exertion activities. For best protection wear the mask and filter together. The ear loops are adjustable, and can also be strapped together around the back of the head for two different ways to hold the mask in place. The nose area has a double integrated wire, ensuring proper fit. The customizable design allows adjustments for the most comfortable fit that’s tailored to unique face sizes, shapes, ears and glasses. Stretchy fabric that lines the chin and nose area of the mask is treated with Thermo-regulating ActiveIce™ to keep users cool and dry during exercise. Comes with three filters (compatible with size Large Essential Filters). $29.

Essential Lightweight and Midweight Ubertube – A lightweight protective neck gaiter that pulls on and off easily, and rests around the neck when not in use, the Essential Ubertubes are made with breathable, wicking and quick drying smooth-faced fleece that is treated with HeiQ V-BLOCK®. They have a nose wire for shaping that holds the fabric off the mouth and incorporates the Essential Filter. It also integrates ear loops and a cinch in the back so that it stays in place. Whether exploring uncrowded trails or biking through urban areas, always be prepared and protected. Comes with three filters. MSRP $32 and $35.

Essential Midweight Balaclava – Built for colder-weather activities where the user may be coming into contact with others, the Essential Midweight Balaclava is a stretchy, wicking and warm face and head covering is treated with HeiQ V-BLOCK® and integrates OR’s Essential Filter over the mouth. OR’s warmest and most breathable protection features a nose wire and shaping over the mouth to help provide structure and lift the filter away from the mouth. Comes with three filters. MSRP $45.

Essential Lightweight and Midweight Liner Gloves – A layer of protection against germs when faced with unavoidable touch points such as at gas stations and grocery stories, the Essential Liner Gloves are treated with HeiQ V-BLOCK®, making them resistant to spoilage from microbes. These gloves are breathable, wicking and use smooth-faced fleece, and have anti-slip silicone pads on the palm and a cuffed wrist for secure fit. They are also touchscreen compatible and have a durable synthetic suede palm and fingers for added grip. $35 and $40.

Essential Bandana – A hook and loop closure allows this bandana with an integrated Essential Filter to fit over or under a helmet, so that it can be easily put on in ski area lift lines or at the base area, and removed for skiing or snowboarding. It is treated with HeiQ V-BLOCK®, making them resistant to spoilage from microbes. Comes with three filters. $35.

To learn more about all of Outdoor Research’s mask and personal protective equipment efforts please visit outdoorresearch.com/protection.

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