Outdoor Research partners with Retail Bloom to Launch OR Pro on Amazon

January 24, 2023

Seattle, Wash. (January 24, 2023) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Outdoor Research (OR), the Seattle-based outdoor and tactical apparel and gear manufacturer, announces its partnership with Retail Bloom to launch OR Pro on Amazon.

In early 2022, Outdoor Research rebranded its military and tactical business under the OR Pro brand and has seen significant growth throughout the year. As part of its ongoing growth strategy to expand the brand to a broader range of professional consumers, OR Pro partnered with Retail Bloom, an eCommerce Marketplace Agency to launch on Amazon.

Retail Bloom has been managing the Outdoor Research store on Amazon for 3+ years and has been an integral part of OR’s brand growth on the global giant’s platform. As such, launching OR Pro on Amazon through Retail Bloom further strengthens the brand’s partnership.

“With the tremendous success we have had with Retail Bloom in the outdoor industry, we were very excited to grow our partnership with them to launch OR Pro on Amazon,” said David Hein, General Manager at Outdoor Research. “With the experience, knowledge, and expertise that Retail Bloom brings, we are excited to get the OR Pro brand in front of the Amazon consumer.”

Nicole Reich, Vice President of Sales & Marketing and co-founder of Retail Bloom, said: “We are thrilled that Outdoor Research has partnered with Retail Bloom to launch OR Pro on Amazon. The brand resonates with the outdoor enthusiast, consumer, professional and first-responder market. With its 30-year-plus history of providing US-made and off-shore products to the U.S. military and first responders around the world, we now can provide these products to an even broader range of consumers on Amazon.”

Check out all of the new OR Pro and Outdoor Research products at Outdoor Research on Amazon.

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