Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards Announce Safeback SBX and Db Snow Pro Vest as Finalists

January 2, 2023

Both Safeback SBX and Db Snow Pro Vest have been selected as finalists for Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards in 2023, to be announced on January 11.

Boulder, Colo. (January 2, 2023)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Safeback SBX is the first system of its kind to actively supply air to avalanche and tree well victims during burial. This added air supply extends the potential survival window during burial in an avalanche or tree well without requiring a mouthpiece.

For SBX to be used by backcountry travelers, backpacks must be designed to integrate it directly. Db’s Snow Pro Vest is the world’s first backcountry vest that integrates SBX into its design. This vest will meet the needs of a wide range of skiers and snowboarders – from resort riders looking for an added layer of protection against tree wells on the deepest days to backcountry riders taking day trips in avalanche terrain.

Safeback and Db are thrilled to be named among the finalists for the Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards. These annual awards recognize design, innovation, and achievement in the outdoor industry, and as a part of the awards, both products will be on display at the Innovation Gallery during Snow Show from January 10–12.

“Through testing, experimenting, and bringing concepts to life, the companies and the people behind these cutting-edge new products and services are finding solutions and inspiring others to get outside. It’s these innovations that are moving our industry forward, and you’ll discover it first-hand throughout the aisles of Outdoor Retailer. We’re looking forward to celebrating all of the finalists and seeing the winners unveiled on Night 2 of Snow Show,” said Marisa Nicholson, Outdoor Retailer senior vice president, and show director.

This year, a panel of 13 judges with varying backgrounds in design, retail, education, entrepreneurship, and journalism narrowed down 132 entries to determine the 29 finalists advancing to the final round. Winners will be unveiled during a live ceremony on January 11 during the second night of Outdoor Retailer’s Snow Show in the new Hyatt Regency Salt Lake.

“Safeback was founded with one goal in mind: to create products that increase the likelihood of survival for avalanche and snow burial victims. After five years of testing and development to create SBX and integrate it into packs like the Db Snow Pro Vest, we are honored to be nominated for all the Safeback products which will be available in North America next year,” said Tor Berge, Co-founder, and CEO of Safeback.

“At Db, we have been deeply affected by the loss of friends, family, and athletes in our community due to avalanches. In response, we teamed up with Safeback Avalanche Gear to design an approachable product that’s easy to use and encourages everyone to be prepared in the backcountry, no matter how deep the days. Our goal is to see the SBX system included in product lines across all winter outdoor brands. The SBX system being significantly lighter and more affordable than electric airbags makes it a no-brainer for anyone who spends time in the backcountry. Let’s get it out there,” added Hunter Nordhauser, Snow Design Lead at Db.

For the 2023/24 winter season, Safeback SBX will be exclusively available in North America in Db’s products, sold through their retail distribution network. Db is distributed in North America by Global Sales Guys. For more information about retail opportunities for the Db Snow Pro Vest and Safeback SBX, visit the Global Sales Guys booth: #19009

RRP for the Db Snow Pro Vest equipped with Safeback SBX will be $699.

Safeback SBX is patented in Norway, and patents are pending in the US, Canada, EU, and Japan.

About the Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award

The annual Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards recognize cutting edge new outdoor and winter sport products, fabrics and materials, digital and retail services from across all seasons. Determined by a panel of expert judges, the finalists and winners are evaluated based on four criteria: Spark, Desire, Function, and Impact. The winners of this year’s 5th annual awards will be unveiled live in an awards ceremony on January 11 during Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Salt Lake City. See more online:

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