Oyster Tempo Cooler Named Among 50 Greatest Innovations of 2023 by Popular Science

December 5, 2023

Norwegian Cooler Brand’s Inaugural Product Receives ‘Best of What’s New’ Award in Sport & Outdoor Category

OSLO, Norway – December 5, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Oyster Cooler, the Norwegian brand revolutionizing temperature-sensitive storage, is proud to announce its inaugural product, the Oyster Tempo, has been recognized as one of Popular Science’s 50 Greatest Innovations of 2023 for its 36th Annual Best of What’s New Awards.

Popular Science’s Best of What’s New Awards highlights the best products and technologies with groundbreaking features designed to significantly improve the lives of consumers.

“We are thrilled to receive Popular Science’s Best of What’s New Award for 2023 for our inaugural product,” said Ian Sandmael “At Oyster, our hope is to inspire others to challenge the status quo and see a world of opportunity at the intersection of technology, adventure and the environment.”

Oyster Tempo, the world’s first high-performance cooler, ushers in a new era of thermal performance, usability and sustainability. The cooler features a patented integrated vacuum insulation system constructed with recyclable aluminum and chemical-free Silica. To increase the cooler’s total insulating performance, Oyster identified and optimized key thermal drivers: core insulation, thermal bridge and thermal conductivity. The result – Oyster’s DLTA™ technology that eliminates the need for ice.

The Oyster team meticulously engineered every part of the Oyster Tempo to balance space, weight, durability and thermal performance, delivering a cooler that offers three times the internal space at nearly half the external size and stays three times colder for longer to deliver food-safe temperatures. The resulting DLTA™ technology is revolutionary and goes beyond coolers. The Oyster team sees many different use cases, including medicine and organ transport, and other advancements in the future.

About Oyster

Oyster is revolutionizing temperature-sensitive storage to help solve global challenges with the distribution of food, vaccines, and medical supplies. In 2023, after six years of research and development, the brand introduced the world’s first fully-recyclable performance cooler to the consumer market. The patented vacuum-insulated technology provides a 600% increase in thermal insulation compared to traditional cooler technology, enabling the first truly ice-free, high-performance cooler, with three times the load capacity of traditional coolers. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with a manufacturing facility at Raufoss, Norway. Oyster is fully committed to move the world forward through responsible ground-breaking technology. To learn more, visit www.oystercooler.com.

Contact: Julie Atherton

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