Pale Blue Earth Expands Rechargeable Battery Line with USB-C and Vivid Collection and Announces Limited Lifetime Warranty

September 15, 2022

The next-generation rechargeable batteries improve performance, user experience, and design while helping consumers reduce their carbon footprint and reliance on disposable batteries.

Park City, UTAH (September 15, 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Pale Blue Earth, the startup creating sustainable, rechargeable alternatives to disposable alkaline batteries, released the next generation of their popular AA and AAA Li-ion rechargeable batteries this month. The new models feature updates to both the internal and external design, improved performance, user experience, and aesthetics.

“We’re excited to put forth the next generation of Paleblue’s flagship AA and AAA batteries,” said Tom Bishop, Co-Founder and CEO of Pale Blue Earth. “For decades, rechargeable batteries left a poor taste in the mouths of consumers looking for an alternative to disposable batteries thanks to their poor performance. Our hope is by improving our already easy-to-use, quick charging, and familiar battery solution, we can help more people transition away from disposable alkaline batteries, reducing the tens of millions of batteries that end up in landfills every day.”

The new Paleblue AA and AAA batteries feature an updated USB-C charging port. The transition from micro-USB to USB-C charging brings the Paleblue AA and AAA batteries more in line with current consumer technology trends and creates a more reliable and user-friendly charging experience. Paleblue improved the internal battery management and protection features with a new dual temperature monitoring system for better performance and safety.

Both models include a seamlessly integrated LED light pipe charge indicator around the top of the battery. The new standardized charge indicator will allow for better recognition of charge status, as opposed to the previous generation, which included LED charge indicators in various locations depending on the model.

Packaging has been improved thanks to reduced packaging materials and the inclusion of a 100% recycled post-consumer polypropylene retail container that doubles as a storage case after unboxing. The case is designed to securely store four Paleblue batteries and the included 4-to-1 USB-A to USB-C charging cable, which now has an innovative reversible USB-A plug.

The visual design of the Paleblue products has been taken one step further with the recent release of Paleblue’s Vivid Collection of AA batteries. The Vivid Collection brings technology, art, and advocacy together, creating bold styles and revolutionizing a historically dull product category. Through Paleblue’s partnership with impact-focused groups like 1% For The Planet and Protect our winters, they hope to further develop the Vivid Collection into a product category that creates meaningful partnerships with groups and causes that positively impact our environment.

The new generation of USB-C models and Vivid Collection AA batteries are currently available for purchase at PaleBlueEarth.com. A four-pack of AAA retail for $24.99, AA for $29.99.

With the expansion of the product line comes Paleblue’s announcement of their “Charged For Life” warranty program. The industry-first limited lifetime warranty will cover manufacturer’s defects on products purchased on or after September 15, 2022, and is designed to further the brand’s mission of helping customers reduce their reliance on disposable batteries. For more information on the Charged for Life warranty or to register eligible products, please visit Paleblueearth.com/pages/warranty.

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About Pale Blue Earth

Pale Blue Earth, founded in 2018 and based in Park City, UT, is the only battery company that wants the world to buy fewer disposable batteries. Paleblue Earth creates high-performing, convenient, reliable, and user-friendly rechargeable batteries in common formats like AAA, AAA, 9V, D, and C. Through the use of rechargeable batteries, consumers can prevent millions of pounds of hazardous waste and heavy metals from entering landfills and polluting the planet. In addition to creating products that help keep toxic batteries out of landfills, Paleblue is also a member of 1% for the Planet and partners with Protect our Winters.

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