Pale Blue Earth Partners with Park City-Based Recycle Utah and Recyclops to Improve Access to Single-Use Battery Recycling

February 1, 2023

Partners bring together local school district and employers to promote proper recycling of household batteries

Park City, UTAH (February 1, 2022)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Pale Blue Earth, the Park City-based startup creating sustainable, rechargeable alternatives to disposable alkaline batteries, is partnering with multiple local organizations to celebrate National Battery Day on February 18.

Beginning February 1, Paleblue, Recycle Utah and Recyclops are sponsoring used disposable battery collection sites that will help Summit County, Utah, residents responsibly dispose of their depleted batteries. In coordination with Vail Resorts and the Park City School District, the sites will be available at the bottom of the Cabriolet at Canyons Village – as well as seven individual schools – marked with a green bucket and sign. A full list of drop-off locations is available here.

Old batteries can be discarded at these sites throughout February, offering quick, convenient drop-offs with regularly scheduled collection times. The Paleblue and Recyclops teams will collect and deliver the used batteries to Recycle Utah.

“Working locally to contribute to our community has been one of the most fulfilling parts of being a growing business with a passionate team and supporters,” said Paleblue Founder, Tom Bishop. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with these amazing organizations to make an impact and get the word out that batteries really should be recycled — too many end up in landfills.”

The problem that Paleblue, Recycle Utah and Recyclops are addressing is that, across America, consumers and businesses purchase an estimated 5.4 billion1 single-use batteries every year. 10 million of these batteries are thrown away every day, many or most of which are not recycled (some are incinerated, many more likely end up in landfills). Once in the landfill, these batteries can leach harmful toxins and heavy metals into soil and waterways.

Proper alkaline battery disposal is widely available, but its importance is still far from commonplace. Throughout February, Summit County, Utah, will be a model for other communities who hope to improve their overall sustainability efforts through education, accessibility and encouragement.

Paleblue, Recycle Utah and Recyclops continue to work together to find ways to reduce the environmental impact caused by single-use batteries, and help the Park City and the larger global community build a more sustainable future.

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About Pale Blue Earth

Pale Blue Earth, founded in 2018 and based in Park City, UT, is the only battery company that wants the world to buy fewer disposable batteries. Paleblue creates high-performing, convenient, reliable, and user-friendly rechargeable batteries in common formats like AAA, AAA, 9V, D, and C. Through the use of rechargeable batteries, consumers can prevent millions of pounds of hazardous waste and heavy metals from entering landfills and polluting the planet. In addition to creating products that help keep toxic batteries out of landfills, Paleblue is also a member of 1% for the Planet, and partners with Protect our Winters.

About Recycle Utah

Recycle Utah is a nonprofit engaging the community in practicing resource conservation through recycling services, education, outreach, and advocacy. We are committed to reducing waste and preventing groundwater pollution in our community. As long as the health of our local and global environment is a concern, we will strive to offer community-based resources and solutions.

About Recyclops

Recyclops’ mission is to provide sustainable solutions to all, regardless of where people live, by leveraging community and technology. Recyclops is proud to be part of a movement that helps better communities around the country. We are currently operating in 29 states, bringing accessible landfill diversion programs to homes, businesses, and brands.