Paleblue Debuts New Approach Solar Panels

August 31, 2023

New solar panels bring an energetic addition to Paleblue’s sustainable power sources

Park City, UTAH (August 31, 2023)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Paleblue, the Park City-based startup creating sustainable, rechargeable alternatives to disposable alkaline batteries, has introduced a new addition to its product line-up with the Approach Solar Panels. Available in single- or triple-panel models, the foldable solar panels offer high-performance and quick charging for Paleblue’s rechargeable batteries, hand-held devices including cell phones and tablets and countless other rechargeable products from around the house or off the grid.

Custom designed from the ground up – including low-profile two-USB port modules, dual-laminated panels, grip cords and an attached utility pocket – the Approach 1 (single panel) and Approach 2 (triple panel) ensures that both models are durable, ideal for a wide range of use-cases, and intended to be used anywhere under the sun.

“Our Approach solar panels are the next step for Paleblue to help our customers power their lives in a more sustainable and convenient way,” said Paleblue founder and CEO, Tom Bishop. “Powering your products and adventures should never mean having to buy, and pack, single-use products and we definitely don’t want anyone running to town for batteries. Go farther and approach each adventure with full batteries!”

Compared to other solar panels on the market, Paleblue’s Approach stands out with its dual-laminated durable construction, a material that provides industry-leading durability against abrasion, dirt, UV exposure and most importantly, moisture. Furthermore, the Approach tips the scale at a scant 11 ounces in the single-panel and 28 ounces in the triple-panel design, allowing for easier carry between uses.

Both models come standard with four grid cord bungees allowing them to be hung up or secured. The bungees connect to the panels at reinforced grommets in each corner. A conveniently attached lycra pocket on the backside of the panel keeps your batteries or device neatly stored and protected while charging. The Approach 2 includes two corner snaps that keep the three panels neatly folded when not in use.

The solar panels do not include an onboard power bank; however, an LED indicator light communicates the status and charging rate to the user. Further technical information is included below.

Approach 1 (Single Panel):

  • Size: 19 cm (width), 29 cm (length), 1.5 cm (depth)
  • Power Output: 7 watts
  • Charge Rate: Maximum efficiency of 1.4A at 5V
  • Plug outputs: 2x USB-A

Approach 2 (Triple Panel):

  • Size, Unfolded: 58 cm (width), 29 cm (length), 1.5 cm (depth)
  • Size, Folded: 19 cm (width), 29 cm (length) x 2.5 cm (depth)
  • Power Output: 21 watts
  • Charge Rate: Maximum efficiency of 4.2A at 5V
  • Plug outputs: 2x USB-A

The Approach 1 and Approach 2 have an MSRP of $80 and $150, respectively. Both can be purchased at www.paleblueearth.com.

Imagery is available for the new solar panels. For any media inquiries or additional questions, please contact Zach Pickett, Zach@OutsidePR.com.


About Paleblue

Paleblue, founded in 2018 and based in Park City, UT, is the only battery company that wants the world to buy fewer disposable batteries. Paleblue creates high-performing, convenient, reliable and user-friendly rechargeable batteries in common formats like AA, AAA, C, D, 9V and CR123A. Through the use of rechargeable batteries, consumers can prevent millions of pounds of hazardous waste and heavy metals from entering landfills and polluting the planet. In addition to creating products that help keep toxic batteries out of landfills, Paleblue is also a member of 1% for the Planet and partners with Protect our Winters.