Peak Design Wins Red Dot Award for Innovative Product Design

April 16, 2024

Peak Design wins globally-recognized design award for its iPhone 15 Everyday Case

SAN FRANCISCO, CA /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Peak Design, leader in carry solutions and mobile accessories, is proud to announce that its iPhone 15 Everyday Case won the highly coveted Red Dot Award for innovative product design.

Created in 1955, the Red Dot Awards are presented annually for products that show exceptional functionality, quality, and design innovation. They are widely recognized as the world’s most prestigious design awards.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the Peak Design team after hearing the news that the iPhone 15 Everyday Case won a Red Dot Award,” said Peak Design founder and CEO Peter Dering. “We’ve spent countless hours listening to customer feedback and fine-tuning every detail of the Everyday Case. We’re honored to be recognized for this hard work.”

Peak Design’s Everyday Case maximizes the utility of the world’s most ubiquitous mobile device: the Apple iPhone. Embedded with a proprietary technology named SlimLink, the Everyday Case can uniquely attach to both mechanical and magnetic locking mounts while maintaining an industry-leading uniform slimness of 2.4mm, drop protection of 6m, and Qi charging capabilities. In addition, Peak Design’s SlimLink is wrapped in a 100% recycled, weatherproof, Bluesign-approved nylon canvas exterior shell.

Prior to the Everyday case, iPhone owners were forced to purchase multiple phone cases to pair their phone for competing activities like high-intensity dirt biking or simply charging on a static desk stand. In contrast, the Everyday Case is a single solution that facilitates compatibility to enhance the convenient use of an iPhone in a slim and aesthetic package.

Peak Design’s Everyday Case will be featured for one year in Red Dot’s special exhibition, “Milestones in Contemporary Design” in its Essen, Germany museum. Official awards will be given during Red Dot’s ceremony in Germany on June 24, 2024. For more details and information, visit Red Dot’s website and Peak Design’s website.

About Peak Design

Since 2010, Peak Design has been building innovative carry solutions with a simple overarching design directive: make the best things. The idea for our first product was born on a motorcycle trip through Southeast Asia and has since expanded to include a cross-functional ecosystem of bags, pouches, slings, straps, and clips. We’ve won applause along the way, but we’re most proud of the fact that we’re 100% crowdfunded and 100% employee-owned. We’ve raised $36 Million through 11 Kickstarter campaigns to become the world’s most successfully crowdfunded company. This allows Peak Design to stay investor- free and focused on the things that matter most: designing great products, fostering happy employees, and taking care of our customers and the natural environment. Learn more at peakdesign.com.