Performance Tea announces Don Reichelt’s win at the Coldwater Rumble

January 21, 2020

Boulder, CO: Performance Tea, leaders in using CBD and adaptogenic tea to help people achieve their potential, announced that Don Reichelt, sponsored athlete, finished first in the 20-mile Coldwater Rumble run in a time of 2:28 and Joe Gagnon, CEO, Performance Tea completed the 52k and came in first in his age group. Both Don and Joe used Performance Tea Energy throughout their race and Recovery CBD tea post-race.

“I set out with the goal of leading from the front and my target was to win the race. Being part of the Performance Tea team and having their products in my bottle gives me that extra boost and confidence to be able to go after it during a race like Coldwater” Reichelt added. “I was able to go out hard knowing that I could push it to the max whenever I needed to.”

Gagnon, age group athlete, ran his 52k with the backdrop of the Estrella Mountains and kept a good solid pace to get him on the podium in his age group. “For sure Energy kept me going and when I mix it with a bit of lemonade, I have a great balance of endurance formulation and calories to keep me running for the entire race” said Gagnon. “It was a blast to be out in force with the Performance Tea team supporting Don. We will be with him as well in his next competitive race on May 1st at the Salt Flats Ultras in Bonneville, Utah, where Don will compete in the 100-mile race.”

A Recovery jar contains 420 mg of full-spectrum CBD for 21 servings of a highly effective and unique herbal blend. The CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits complement the restorative effects of the adaptogens and is great after a big day of training or racing. A jar of Energy contains 40 servings of an instant powdered tea blend with green tea, reishi and nine other adaptogens that truly help the body manage the stress of racing.

About Performance Tea

At Performance Tea, our mission is to help people achieve their potential.  We are made up of a dedicated team united in a passion for uncovering the leading edges of performance, recovery and community, naturally and conveniently. Our expert-crafted instant powder tea blends leverage CBD and adaptogens for better energy, better focus, better recovery, and better sleep.