Performance Tea announces the release of Immunity with elderberry and vitamin C.

April 21, 2020

Boulder, CO: Performance Tea, leaders in using CBD and adaptogens to improve cognitive and physical wellness, announces the release of Immunity, its latest adaptogenic blend with elderberry and vitamin C.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Immunity, our newest blend,” says Performance Tea CEO, Joe Gagnon, 75-time ultra-race finisher. “With the increasing interest in using elderberry and vitamin C to boost our immune system, we are excited to bring our Immunity blend to market.  It is a powerful herbal instant powder tea with no added sugar that can give us that daily boost we all need at a time like this.” Gagnon added, “With 500 mg of elderberry per serving, Immunity provides a full daily serving of antioxidants, and with adaptogens Astragalus and Atractylodes, this blend goes to the next level with a host of natural ingredients to support healthy immune function and balance.”

From flu season to pollen season, dirty public places, to coughing colleagues, Immunity, by Performance Tea, is a unique immune system strengthening blend that can get us through challenging times.  A true classic herbal remedy in an instant powder blend it provides the ultimate in versatility. Mix one convenient scoop of this herbaceous blend into hot or cold water and it is ready to drink.

About Performance Tea

At Performance Tea, our mission is to help people improve their cognitive and physical wellness. We are made up of a team united in a passion for uncovering leading edges of health and performance, naturally and conveniently. Our expert crafted instant powder tea blends leverage CBD and adaptogens for better energy, better focus, better recovery, and better sleep.