Petzl GRIGRI+ Drives High Demand at Specialty Retailers

May 16, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (May 16, 2017) — The new Petzl GRIGRI+ is driving high demand at specialty retail stores thanks to its user friendliness, durability and anti-panic function.

“The demand for the GRIGRI+ has been off the charts. The additional features that are built into this device make it a perfect assisted-braking device for all climbers,” said Dave Hugar, marketing director for Petzl. “Novice climbers and guiding services have been particularly drawn to its reliability and ease of use.”

The GRIGRI+ is equipped with an anti-panic handle that is particularly useful while performing controlled lowers and descents. If the belayer pulls the handle too far, the anti-panic mechanism triggers and stops the descent. To continue the descent, the user must then re-engage the handle to continue lowering in a control manner.

The GRIGRI+ works with all single ropes between 8.5mm and 11mm and is optimized for 8.9mm-10.5mm ropes. Designed for intensive use, the steel wear plates increase the lifespan of the device. The belay mode selector allows the belayer to select between two modes—lead belay and top-rope belay—to more efficiently pay out slack and capture the rope. Designed for all climbers and for intensive use, the GRIGRI + offers exceptional descent control and a comfortable belay experience indoors and outdoors.

“I’m super psyched on the new GRIGRI+,” said Petzl Athlete Chris Sharma. “Now the GRIGRI is more user-friendly. Big props to the designers at Petzl who took everything up a notch on this one.”

The GRIGRI+ weighs 200 grams and is $149.95 USD. For more information, please visit www.petzl.com.


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