Petzl Teams Up with Strava for Night Running Challenge this November

October 24th, 2018

Petzl Teams Up with Strava for Night Running Challenge this November

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (October 24, 2018) — Petzl, the leader in solution-based verticality and lighting equipment, has teamed up with Strava to encourage runners to get outdoors, even after we set our clocks back on November 4. With one less hour of sunlight, motivation to get outside becomes harder and harder. To combat this annual chronologic pestilence, Petzl proposes a simple solution—the Petzl Night Running Challenge.

The Petzl Night Running Challenge encourages everyone to run 26 miles between November 6 and 26 for a chance to win prizes. Logging their runs on Strava, runners must run a marathon length by headlamp between these dates — the miles can be completed at the runners own pace, at the most convenient time and in as many segments as they choose. Those who complete the Petzl Night Running Challenge will be eligible to win one of 1,000 prizes including BINDI headlamps, Petzl t-shirts and other gear. Most importantly, participants will have put in a full marathon amount of exercise during a season when motivation can be most difficult. 

“Running at night can be a very different experience. Seeing a city by headlamp can turn your regular routes into brand new experiences,” says Petzl project manager Christelle Balazuc. “It can provide not only a new point-of-view, but also a chance for new exploration and experiences.”

To take part in the challenge participants must:

  • Sign up for the Petzl Night Running Challenge on Strava. 
  • Successfully complete 26 miles between November 6 and 26, before dawn or after sunset and record it in the Strava app. 
  • For additional chances to win, runners can tag #PetzlNightRunning on Instagram with a photo from their run. 

Once the challenge ends on November 26, over 1,000 winners will be selected at random from the Strava Challenge and the #PetzlNightRunning Instagram hashtags. Full contest and participation rules are available at: 

No need to wait for the contest to start, try night running this evening and get a head start on your fall training! To check out Petzl’s full lineup of headlamps, including, their newest offering, the ultra-light, 200 lumen BINDI head to: 

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Petzl Teams Up with Strava for Night Running Challenge this November

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