PHANTOM Glide, Cardiff Snowcraft Team up to Deliver Durable, Eco-friendly Base Treatment for Snowboarders

March 17, 2022

Salt Lake City-based companies work together to provide premium snowboard experiences

SALT LAKE CITY /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – This winter, PHANTOM Glide, the permanent, single-application base treatment for skis and snowboards, entered  into a new partnership with premium snowboard and splitboard company, Cardiff Snowcraft. The two Salt Lake City companies have partnered to offer PHANTOM Glide as a factory applied upgrade to all Cardiff Pro-Carbon splitboards and PHANTOM Glide is also available as an add-on to all other Cardiff snowboards purchased through the Cardiff website.

“This partnership really came to fruition because of PHANTOM Glide’s and Cardiff’s unique backgrounds. They are both premium brands based out of the Wasatch Mountains that design high-quality, high-end products. At PHANTOM Glide, we’re especially excited to join forces with Cardiff because we have this long history of working primarily with alpine skis, given our roots with DPS Skis. We look forward to educating the snowboard market on PHANTOM Glide, its permanent performance enhancement and its various environmental benefits compared to more traditional waxes,” says Shaun Spacht, sales and product manager at PHANTOM Glide.

Cardiff Snowcraft distills decades of experience in snowboarding, design, engineering, and construction into purpose-built boards that tour and ride like no other out there. Unique to the industry, Cardiff offers  snowboards in both a splitboard and snowboard option. This customizable model allows riders to not only find their dream ride but to ride it the way they want. Cardiff Snowcraft encourages its customers to think different, build different, and ride different.

“Premium boards call for premium care with regular waxing and tuning. The PHANTOM Glide base treatment on our boards increases the experience and performance for the rider,” says Brett Stahl, President of Cardiff Snowcraft.

For more on PHANTOM Glide, visit www.phantomglide.com.  To find an authorized PHANTOM Glide dealer, please visit www.dpsskis.com/phantom-dealer-locator.  For more information on Cardiff Snowcraft, visit www.cardiffsnow.com. For more information on the collaboration, please contact PR Account Manager Maria Brickman at maria.brickman@rygr.us.

About PHANTOM Glide:

Developed by a team of expert chemists and material science engineers, PHANTOM Glide’s patent-pending formula creates a hydrophobic environment that offers three undeniable benefits. First, unlike topical wax, PHANTOM Glide is only applied once and permanently alters the chemistry of ski and board bases to improve baseline glide for the life of the product. Second, PHANTOM Glide offers consistently fast on-snow gliding performance across a broad range of conditions and temperatures. Third, and most importantly, PHANTOM Glide is made up of non-reactive chemical functional groups that are both inert to the environment and safe to those applying it. For more on PHANTOM Glide visit dpsskis.com/phantom.

About Cardiff Snowcraft:

Cardiff Snowcraft was born in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah in 2015. It was here that a snowboarder and architect imagined better splitboarding equipment to climb and descend Cardiff’s imposing lines. Years of prototypes and tweaks slowly became innovations. Independent thinking, creative problem solving, and unparalleled performance are an integral part of every one of our splitboards and snowboards.

Media Contact:

Maria Brickman


970-236-1668 ext. 2104