PHOOZY Launches “Mask” for Phones to Protect Devices from Nasty Germs

December 3, 2020

Antimicrobial Capsule Provides Daily Solution to Help Keep Phones Cleaner and Protected From Heat, Cold, Drops, and Water

CHARLOTTE, NC (Dec. 3, 2020): PHOOZY, maker of protective capsules for phones, tablets, and laptops, is launching the brand new Apollo II Series + Antimicrobial Thermal Capsule. This capsule, which is available at PHOOZY.com and on Amazon.com, gives consumers a daily solution to keep phones and their PHOOZY more hygienically clean, especially in the era of COVID. The capsule essentially acts as a “mask” for phones and helps keep germs and microbes at bay while also providing PHOOZY’s patented protection from damaging heat, battery zapping cold, drops and water.

The new Antimicrobial series features an AGION® Antimicrobial SoftTouch lining which automatically releases germ-inhibiting antimicrobial properties whenever bacteria and microbes are present. When a phone is slipped into the case, the lining goes into action against nasty microbes and surface germs, keeping phones more hygienically clean.

“PHOOZY Thermal Capsules have always provided the ultimate protection for phones from pretty much everything life and Mother Nature throws our way including extreme hot and cold temperatures,” Commented Kevin Conway, PHOOZY Co-Founder. “We are thrilled to partner with Sciessent, a leader in Antimicrobial Technology for healthcare, military, and technical apparel, to incorporate their AGION® technology, adding antimicrobial protection to our products. We feel this development is a game-changer for consumers and offers a solution to help keep their PHOOZY’s and their devices free from germs and bacteria.”

The Apollo II Series + Antimicrobial Thermal Capsule is available in three different finishes, Diamond Stitch Silver, Diamond Stitch Gold, and SeaFoam. Each capsule includes a SplitRing Connector and comes in new eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials and plant-based inks.

The Apollo II Series + Antimicrobial Thermal Capsule which retails for $39.99, joins the current line of PHOOZY phone, tablet, and laptop capsules which all feature PHOOZY’s NASA-engineered, patented Chromium Thermal Barrier™. The barrier reflects 90% of the heat of the sun to help prevent devices from overheating, while also insulating devices from battery zapping cold – extending battery life up to 4X. The Impactor Core 1.5 protects devices from drops up to 9-feet, and the fully water-resistant materials and construction float in water.

The new series is part of PHOOZY’s growing line of innovative product offerings built to protect expensive technology. For more information on the full PHOOZY line visit PHOOZY.com.



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