Phunkshun Wear Hires new Development and Design Manager

September 7, 2021

Boulder, CO  – Phunkshun Wear, a Colorado-based company committed to sustainably manufacturing outdoor gear that delivers uncompromising performance and protection, today announced that it has named Whitney Bontrager as its new Development and Design Manager, giving a valuable industry veteran a large role in the company’s ambitious plans to expand its apparel line.

Founded in 2011 in Denver, Colo., Phunkshun Wear was originally designed to meet the demands of ski and snowboard instructors. The company has since built its reputation on developing lightweight balaclavas and protective neck tubes that are all made entirely from recycled bottles and perfect for skiing, snowboarding, running, biking, fishing, yoga and other outdoor activities.

Bontrager (right) will be tasked with helping Phunkshun Wear develop new products as well as iterate on existing products, and also to help with all design elements for the company. She will play a large role in nearly every step of the development process, including initial planning, prototyping, product testing, design, and launching products. She joined the company earlier this summer after she spent more than three years as a product and brand specialist for the men’s and women’s cycling apparel company Primal Wear. She also has extensive experience in graphic design and illustration.

“Phunkshun is a company that actually cares, and when I knew it was time for me to move on from my old job Phunkshun was one of my top choices,” Bontrager said. “I’m kind of tired of working for companies who only want to make a profit – I want to do something more than just filling the pockets of CEOs, and I’ve always admired Phunkshun’s commitment to sustainability initiatives. I’m very excited to make a difference with the team.”

“Phunkshun Wear is working on some big initiatives to launch in the near future,” said CEO Jason Badgley, “and we’re truly thrilled that Whitney will play a pivotal role in the direction and execution of them.

The majority of Bontrager’s workload will be focused on Phunkshun’s move into developing into larger apparel lines, including mountain bike jerseys, leggings and activewear.

“I think everyone is really excited to try out some new frontiers with Phunkshun, and we’re being pushed to get these initiatives moving because we see the demand for it,” Bontrager said. “It’s extremely exciting to be part of this movement towards creating sustainable products that people have been looking for. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do, because people who enjoy the outdoors want to protect it as much as they can.”

Learn more about Phunkshun Wear at https://phunkshunwear.com.

About Phunkshun Wear

Officially founded in 2011, Phunkshun Wear has been manufacturing our products in the rocky mountains since day one. Founded to sustain your time on the slopes, designed to sustain our planet and community. Our company and factory embrace sustainability everyday throughout manufacturing, facility operations, product design, staff, and community. All manufacturing takes place in beautiful Denver, Colorado. Phunkshun Wear also supports the High Fives Foundation, Protect Our Winters, and SOS Outreach.

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