Polartec Launches New Brand Ethos ‘Made To Go Beyond’

October 11, 2023

Planet Earth, the Universe (October 11, 2023) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Polartec®, a Milliken & Company brand and the premium creator of innovative and sustainable textile solutions, unveils its new brand ethos, Made To Go Beyond. The new positioning and identity represent an evolution for the brand and forms the foundation for future communications from Polartec, reflecting and resonating with changing consumer values and market trends.

Eric Yung, Polartec Managing Director, says, “Polartec has evolved, and by updating its ethos and aligning it with contemporary values, we will be better positioned to connect with customers who prioritize sustainability and innovation in their purchasing decisions. Made To Go Beyond perfectly reflects how Polartec questions the norm and is brave enough to create change. It shows character, resilience, and a drive to face challenges head on because we care.”

With a history of pioneering innovations like synthetic fleece and Alpha insulation, Polartec has constantly challenged conventions with original products that deliver unique performance and benefits. As the first to make fleece from recycled content 30 years ago, the company continues to push the market with sustainable solutions for today’s environment.

Alessandro Perseo, Polartec Marketing Director, and driver of the campaign shares, “We’ve been working with UK-based creative agency Mynt, to help shape the future of the brand learning from our past. This ethos reflects Polartec’s relentless innovation, dedication to solving problems and drive to provide sustainable solutions for today’s challenging environment.”

The Made To Go Beyond campaign debuts this month across multiple channels including trade and consumer media, digital platforms, and a new brand video. Major activations are planned for the trade show season leading up to ISPO Munich in November.

“Polartec is Made To Go Beyond, it always has been,” added Perseo. “We are Polartec and together we will layer the future.”


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Abigale Youcha // Akimbo Communications // abi@akimbopr.com

About Polartec
Polartec®, a Milliken & Company brand, are a collective of curious minds, relentless innovators, and dedicated problem solvers.
We look beyond the existing and we create original. If it can be made, we will make it. And if it can’t? We’ll find a way.
We are the originators and inventors of fleece. Our unique unrivalled innovations continue to lead and layer the future.
Complete trust and authenticity are inherent in all our products, ultimately empowering people to concentrate
on their moment, their activity, and their unique experience in life without distractions. Our fabrics go beyond
industry standards, with lightweight wicking and cooling, warmth and insulation, breathable weather protection,
fire resistance, enhanced durability and more. Polartec products are used by performance, lifestyle, and workwear
brands from around the world, the U.S. Military and allied militaries, and contract upholstery markets.
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