Portable Solar Generator Indiegogo Project Achieves Funding Goal 12 Hours

November 18, 2015

Relying on gas­-powered generators on your campouts, hunts and RV trips is now an issue of the past

Pocatello­based Inergy Solar, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo yesterday, November 17, at 9 AM PST to help fund the mass production of its innovative and portable home solar system in a box, the Kodiak Solar Generator System, and has already surpassed 125% of its goal within the first 24 hours.

POCATELLO, Idaho, November 18, 2015 ­­ Living without power during blackouts or relying on gas­powered generators is now an issue of the past. Pocatello based clean technology company Inergy Solar, is releasing an innovative product that combines all the elements of an off grid home solar system in a highly portable, lightweight package debuted on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo yesterday at 9 AM PST. The Kodiak stores energy generated from Inergy Solar’s lightweight, portable solar panels using an integrated lithium­ion battery pack ­ the same type used in today’s electric vehicles.

The stored energy can then be used to power a variety of everyday products, from lights and laptops to full sized refrigerators and TV’s.

“The Kodiak is the world’s lightest weight, most compact, expandable, and modular solar system, offering unmatched off­grid portability for power anywhere, at any time. The Kodiak can be charged via solar panels, car chargers, or wall outlets, in order to provide days of power for your every need, no matter where you are,” said Inergy Solar CEO Sean Luangrath.

Created as an alternative to fuel powered generators, the Kodiak is completely silent, emits no exhaust or fumes, and recharges using unlimited power from the sun. At only 20 pounds and small enough to fit on a bookshelf, it’s also far more portable than anything on the market. The ultra lightweight solar panels used with the system are equally impressive. Only a fraction of an inch thick yet rugged and shatterproof, the panels also boast a totally unique modular design. Each panel is designed to simply slide together to generate additional solar power, thereby reducing the amount of time it takes to charge the Kodiak.

To achieve the project’s goal of $50,000, the Inergy Solar team has decided to look to Indiegogo for initial funding. The Kodiak Solar Generator will be offered on the Indiegogo website for 30 days at a deeply discounted rate to secure early orders and help raise the funds needed to jumpstart mass production.

“Indiegogo was our main choice because their staff has been extremely supportive from the very beginning and their platform has been wildly successful in launching new, life­changing products to the world,” said Luangrath.

”We’ve spent the last year working hard to make sure everything is in place to begin mass production. We’re ready. With Indiegogo’s funding, Inergy Solar will receive the resources needed to make this a reality ­ not just for us, but also for people everywhere that depend on power to be safe, comfortable, and connected when power is not available.” Sean Luangrath, CEO, Inergy Solar

The campaign launched on Indiegogo yesterday and is scheduled to wrap up on December 18. Luangrath says that the company has set aside a limited quantity of units available for Christmas delivery, with large­scale availability in early 2016.

About Inergy Solar: 

Inergy Solar is a consumer products startup that makes portable solar-powered generators.  From our smallest 5,000 mAh application to our largest 1 kWh system, our customers rely on solar panels to recharge their generators when off the electric grid.  We have the smallest, lightest and most powerful generators in each category–a great solution for the backcountry hunter and outdoorsman that needs power that’s lightweight. You can find out more company and product info by visiting our site:  https://www.inergysolar.com/about-us/