Press Release – E09R and LR80R

June 16, 2021

Two New Ultra Bright Flashlights from Fenix: The E09R & LR80R

For over two decades, Fenix has been a leader in manufacturing some of the brightest, most versatile lights for both work and recreation. Their two newest light releases are no exception. Fenix is proud to announce the release of two new super bright flashlights to their line-up, the E09R and the LR80R.

The LR80R is one of the brightest flashlights Fenix has ever released. The spotlight can emit an unbelievable 18,000 lumens over a distance of 3,707 ft (1130 m) – that is over 12 football fields! Not only is the spotlight extremely bright, the LR80R is packed with features. The detectable handle allows for easy-use without the fear of overheating in the user’s hand. The light includes an intelligent downshifting sensor that will reduce the brightness when the head of the light is too close to an object to avoid any accidents caused by excessive heat. The light’s battery can be used as a powerbank to charge other devices, such as a cell phone. Using the 45W charging, the light can be quickly fully charged in only 4 hours. Overall, this light is a great option for search and rescue teams or whoever is simply looking to completely light up the night.

The E09R is only 3.11’’ long and less than 1” in circumference but packs a real punch with the ability to shine 600 lumens over a distance of 407 ft (124 m). The light features four brightness levels, plus a burst mode that will emit short bursts of 600 lumens. To activate the burst mode, users simply hold the side switch. This mode is perfect for those times when you need some extra light, as well as signaling or quick self defense. In addition, the light includes a moonlight mode of soft light great for reading or up-close tasks that do not require extremely bright light.

About Fenix Lighting

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