Princeton Tec Debuts its Most Adaptable Lighting System Yet, The SNAP

July 9, 2018

Designed for simple and adaptable use, this magnet-based light can be used as a headlamp, bike light, and lantern.

PENNSAUKEN, NJ (July 09, 2018) – Princeton Tec, industry-leader of U.S. manufactured lighting products for more than 40 years, introduces its most versatile light yet, the SNAP. Princeton Tec engineers designed an intuitive modular system that allows the 200-lumen light to easily be swapped between a headlamp strap, bike mount, two-way carabineer mount or simply stuck on to any magnetic surface. 

The all-new SNAP blends multiple categories of lighting equipment into a unique new system. The light can be reconfigured with different mounting brackets to adapt to the needs of the user, whether they are tracking through the woods, commuting to work on their bike, lighting up a card game in their tent, or doing household chores like fixing a leaky pipe beneath the sink. 

The Magnetic SnapDapter is the key component to the light’s adaptable design. “We wanted to create a product that could serve our customers beyond the use of a traditional headlamp”, says George Chevalier, Product Manager at Princeton Tec. “Our design team incorporated a magnet on the back of the light that allows the light to connect to each of the included accessories, or any magnetic surface.”

The SNAP will be available for sale at most major retailers starting August 1, 2018. Retailing at only $39.99, Princeton Tec’s SNAP gives customers an affordable lighting solution for a multitude of needs. Key features of the revolutionary new headlamp include: 

  • 130 Hours of Burn Time
  • 200 Lumens Maxbright LED w/ Spot
  • Bike Handlebar attachment, adaptable to similarly sized bars and poles Carabineer Loop attachment, for vertical or overhead hanging 
  • Water Resistant 
  • An affordable $39.99 price point

For the last 40 years, Princeton Tec has aimed to build unique and innovative lights that simplify the lives of the consumers. The SNAP is the brand’s most diverse product to-date and stakes its claim as the world’s first do-it-all lighting system.

About Princeton Tec
Since 1975, New Jersey-based Princeton Tec’s goal has been to deliver top-quality lighting products to the outdoor, industrial, tactical and dive industries.. The company is an American manufacturer, and through the decades has built a strong reputation with dealers and customers for their superior and reliable lights. For more about Princeton Tec, please visit princetontec.com