Princeton Tec Unveils Revamped Website and Lumen Upgrades

May 30, 2018

With a focus on what’s at the heart of this brand, its customers, Princeton Tec launches new website and product upgrades in their most trusted lighting models

Pennsauken, NJ (May 30, 2018) – For over 40 years, Princeton Tec has pushed the limits of top-tier lighting by listening to consumers and giving them a more intimate relationship with the brand. From the backyard to the battlefield, Princeton Tec propels its mission to provide high quality, American-made lighting equipment with the launch of a new website and lumen upgrades in four of their most popular headlamps.

The new website and product upgrades are rooted in Princeton Tec’s desire to strengthen their relationship with the people who are putting their lights to work in real time. “We wanted a place to better tell the stories of the wide variety of people who use our products – from medics in the field, first responders and law enforcement, to people tackling serious adventures in the backcountry, and kids camping in the backyard for the first time,” says Caitie Caroleo, Marketing Manager at Princeton Tec. Some of the site’s new features and tools include:

  • A focus on customer stories, solidifying customers as an integral component of Princeton Tec’s story
  • Redesigned brand look, that includes messaging more closely aligned with the rest of the brand’s story: a family owned and operated American manufacturer
  • Easier navigation and search by “Activity”, allowing users to easily find which products best suit their needs
  • Improved usability, including easier to use “Dealer Locater” and straightforward navigation of information pages (i.e. FAQs, Product Manuals, Warranty, etc.)

Princeton Tec’s customers are playing an integral role not only in the focus of the brand’s new website, but also in the features and upgrades to the products themselves. “We’ve continued to incorporate user feedback into our long relied upon models,” says George Chevalier, Product Manager at Princeton Tec. “In doing so, we have evolved user interfaces so headlamps remain familiar and get easier to operate while blending more options.”

These efforts towards product innovation have culminated in lumen upgrades on several of Princeton Tec’s most beloved models. Most notably, Vizz has upgraded from 205 lumens to 420 lumens, making it a leader in lumens for its’ space. Other upgrades include:

  • Byte, Princeton Tec’s every day light, will increase to 100 lumens from 70
  • Remix, doubles its lumens increasing to 300 from last models 150 lumens
  • Apex family, which includes Apex, Apex Pro, and Apex Extreme. Each of these will now feature 550 lumens and will also incorporate dimmable features in all modes except strobe

Princeton Tec’s new product upgrades and new consumer-driven website will help tell the brand’s unique story, the story of a family-owned brand that has made some of the world’s most versatile personnel lighting equipment in the USA over four decades.

About Princeton Tec

Since 1975, New Jersey-based Princeton Tec’s goal has been to deliver top-quality lighting products to the outdoor, industrial, tactical and dive industries.. The company is an American manufacturer, and through the decades has built a strong reputation with dealers and customers for their superior and reliable lights. For more about Princeton Tec, please visit princetontec.com