ProEditors Offers Outdoor Industry Businesses Custom Video Content

June 15, 2016

Video editing platform uses your brand’s hashtags to create custom user-generated video content to tell your brand story and engage followers

Telluride, Colo. (June 15, 2016) – The value of video content has become a critical part of every marketing manager’s plan – from telling brand stories, presenting new products, athlete-ambassadors’ video diaries or highlight reels to live events. The proliferation of action cameras and smartphones has made capturing video content simple, and yet what stymies many Marketing Directors and Content Managers is the costly and time-consuming editing process. ProEditors has the solution.

ProEditors is the first and only video-editing platform that creates branded videos from user-generated content from your custom hashtag. Provide ProEditors with your brand’s hashtag and they will deliver you videos. It’s that simple. ProEditors manages the rights to share quality content that is associated with your hashtag, and they will edit that content into branded videos that can be shared on social media, newsletters and displayed on your website. ProEditors will also provide you with access to the raw content.

A graduate of the Telluride Venture Accelerator, ProEditors has developed a patent-pending production process that combines crowd sourcing of experienced video editors with an automated platform to deliver a low-cost, high-quality edit to brands and businesses.

ProEditors video editing platform transforms raw camera footage into professionally edited 30-90 second vignettes. ProEditors makes it easy to create custom, branded video content well within existing marketing budgets. No need to spend thousands of dollars on post-production. Your team (and athletes or ambassadors) can shoot the footage and the ProEditors team will produce the final product with logo overlays, music beds, and on-screen graphics. To offer better brand customization, ProEditors gives brands the ability to upload their logo and specify font and design requests.

ProEditors is easy to use. Users upload raw footage, fill out a simple form to ensure favorite scenes are included, and within 2-3 days they will receive a professionally edited video for an affordable price. Click here for additional information and demo reel.

Key features of ProEditors:

  • Easy Uploads: ProEditors has the fastest and most secure uploader on the market. All you have to do is drag and drop the raw video files and our tech handles the rest.
  • Licensed Music: ProEditors has commercial rights to thousands of songs that fit your brand. Select a genre that fits your brand and we will take care of the rest.
  • Moment Grab: Want the ability to identify mandatory shots? No need to write down time stamps. ProEditors’ proprietary software allows you to highlight key moments by just clicking on the video while it is playing. ProEditors software then trims 5 seconds before and 5 seconds after that moment.
  • Stock Video: ProEditors has a large library of scenic stock video to enhance the overall quality of your finished product

“In today’s world of social sharing, video is the fastest growing medium,” said Patrick Latcham, founder and CEO of ProEditors. “But videos are painful to produce, especially in a timely manner. ProEditors is here to help outdoor companies produce branded video content without the headache.”

ProEditors has been utilized by brands such as Pearl Izumi, Western Rise, Prince, Elite Motorcycle Tours, and the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA.) Click HERE to see sample videos.

About ProEditors:
The ProEditors video editing solution transforms raw camera footage into professionally edited videos for brands and businesses. Headquartered in Telluride, Colorado, ProEditors was founded by Patrick Latcham and his fiancé who were making extra cash by editing GoPro® footage for family and friends. Finding it time-consuming and difficult to obtain the footage and payment, they decided to create a platform that would make the entire process painless. Soon after, they realized how this concept could be expanded beyond their personal network to meet the needs of Marketing Directors and Content Managers. ProEditors uses a hybrid production process that combines crowd sourcing of experienced video editors with platform automation to deliver a low-cost, high-quality video to brands and businesses. For additional information, please visit proeditors.com.