Purist Announces Award-Winning New Insulated Scope Top – On Sale Now

October 28, 2020

Timeless Design Meets Effortless Performance For California Company’s Latest Product

Morgan Hill, CA – Innovative stainless steel bottle company, Purist, announced today that its new Scope top is on sale now, marking a continuation of the company’s focus on sleek design and functional performance that has already garnered national attention and acclaim.

The new insulated Scope top is the ultimate addition to Purist’s existing line of celebrated products and fits interchangeably onto Purist’s 10-ounce Maker and 18-ounce Mover bottles. In a break from traditional flip and push-button tops that dominate the steel bottle market, the new insulated Scope top allows the user to simply rotate the top to reveal a small, natural and ergonomic opening perfectly designed to control flow and avoid unwanted spills. The Scope top provides the user the ability to sip from any side and adjust the rate of flow by rotating the outer ring. Once the top is closed, the bottle is completely insulated and capable of keeping hot beverages for up to 12 hours and cold beverages up to 24.

The Scope top also offers a uniquely designed dual seal system, ensuring that when it’s utilized for hot liquids such as coffee or tea, there is no harmful sprayback from a buildup of thermal pressure inside the bottle.

Paired with the Maker or Mover bottles, the Scope top allows users to expand what’s possible with their Purist products. The new Scope top already picked up an award from Business Insider at the 2020 Outdoor Retailers Summer Market, adding to Purist’s rapidly expanding collection of accolades and attention. Purist has also received national press coverage from The New York Times, Forbes, Outside, Self, Gear Junkie and Food and Wine, among others.

“With all Purist products, there has always been a design focus on being minimal, timeless, and effortless in user experience. The Scope top is another example of this ideology – it should look good, feel good, and perform as you expect,” said Ryan Jones, Director of Development and Operations for Purist.

The Scope top is now available online at, and coming soon to Purist Retail Partners nationwide.

Launched in 2018, Purist brings not only a fresh look and sleek design to the stainless steel bottle industry, but also innovative technology that transforms silicon dioxide into a flawless interior glass finish in its bottles, preventing the interior of the bottle from retaining any unwanted tastes.


Purist is the Bay Area-based creator of inventive hydration bottles. Purist is founded on the principle of pure possibility and designs bottles without a hint of taste, thanks to innovative technology paired with inspiration from the natural world. Inspired by the lotus effect, the brand has created a process that transforms silicon dioxide into a flawless glass interior. This material resists any aftertaste so that no matter the liquid, each sip is as pure as the next. This promises no metallic taste, no residual coffee stains, and no foamy beer pours, just pure possibility. For more information on Purist, visit

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