Q Drink Healthy Sponsors Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Race

August 12, 2017

Vancouver, BC (August 12, 2017) Q Drink Healthy, the all-natural sport drink mix is sponsoring the Ore to Shore race, August 12th, 2017. A storied mountain bike race set in Marquette County, Michigan, with Lake Superior as a backdrop, racers will compete across wooded wilderness, shoreline, and decommissioned iron ore mining sites.

Q is sponsoring Ore to Shore as a key component of the aid stations and recovery area at the finish line. Q features all-natural ingredients, such as quercetin, that are designed to improve performance and recovery time.  Q Drink Healthy ultimately benefits the riders by increasing the number of mitochondria in the body’s cells, replenishing depleted salts, and soothing inflamed muscles, something every racer needs.

“Ore to Shore closely reflects what we stand for at Q Drink Healthy,” Q founder Jason May stated. “This race attracts seasoned competitors and weekend warriors alike, all of whom can benefit from Q. Regardless of skill level, these racers are here to enjoy the outdoors, and push themselves and we‘re here to help.”

No stranger to the needs of competitive bikers, Q’s brand ambassadors include decorated racers Mical Dyck, Sandra Walter, and Eric Goodwin. Q Drink Healthy has been available in Canada since 2012 and recently launched in the USA.

ABOUT Q Drink Healthy

Q Drink Healthy develops and manufactures Q Drink Healthy: A superior alternative to the high caffeine, high sugar sports performance and energy drinks available today. Using quercetin and other natural ingredients, Q Drink Healthy is an effective, convenient solution that is good and good for you. For more information, please visit: https://qdrinkhealthy.com

Ben Seifer
Terra PR