Reach New Heights with the Comfort of the CEP Max Cushion Compression Hiking Socks

June 21, 2023

Whitsett, NC. (June 21, 2023)/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Today, CEP Compression, a world leader in compression products for athletes, announces their first ever max cushion hiking sock with the Max Cushion Compression Hiking Socks. Available in Tall and Mid-Cut lengths, the Max Cushion Hiking Socks provides maximum padding and ultimate comfort for backpacking, long distance hiking, or casual day hikes.

The Max Cushion Hiking Socks Tall offer enhanced support of ligaments and joints even on rocky trails. Padded zones in the Achilles and ankle zone protect feet from pressure points and offer excellent comfort during long distance hikes. Featuring optimum heat and moisture management with airflow channels in the padded zone and mesh inserts in the calf.

MSRP: $59.95 

The Max Cushion Hiking Socks Mid-Cut feature medi compression and a perfect no-slip fit. Featuring a close fit, asymmetric toe box, and targeted padding that help prevent blisters during long hiking excursions. These socks provide ankle support for fewer injuries on the trail, and heat and moisture management to keep feet dry and comfortable all day long. MSRP: $27.50

For those who prefer a thinner sock, CEP also offers the Hiking Light Merino and Hiking Merino Socks. For more information on CEP Compression, and to order a pair of hiking socks today, visit cepcompression.com.

About CEP Compression:

CEP is a premium sportswear brand that offers a wide range of products from compression socks and tights, to shorts and shirts for running, training, hiking and skiing. CEP began production of high-tech compression socks for athletes in 2007 based on the medical expertise of its parent company, medi®, a leading global manufacturer of medical compression products. Backed by science and trusted by doctors and Olympic athletes, our German-engineered products are created with integrity & designed with athletes in mind.