Red Knot Development releases Pasha, a film about cycling in Tanzania

January 23, 2024

Arusha, Tanzania /January, 2024/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Red Knot Development and Red Knot Racing Company have released PASHA, a film about Tanzanian cyclist and now coach Richard Laizer.

Laizer grew up in the village of Olasiti, where he found success on a bike as a youngster, despite the disapproval of others in his community. Eventually receiving a contract to ride professionally in South Africa and later in Europe, the young Maasai had an opportunity to see the world and cycle against the best.

Back in Tanzania now, Laizer is an inspiration to youth and has committed himself to cyclist development in Tanzania, in partnership with Red Knot’s work.

Red Knot Development accomplishes good in Tanzania through education-based initiatives in the areas of agriculture, livelihoods, and sport. They fund their work by organizing mountain bike and trail running races on Kilimanjaro.

Laizer works with Red Knot to empower young Tanzanian cyclists by fostering their growth within the sport, while preparing them for life itself. Laizer understands that healthy, supported children and youth are motivated to become successful and dedicated members of society, and he’s working to make this happen.

“He’s changing minds, not only among the youth, but among the parents. And changing minds is the first step in changing lives,” says Brett Harrison, Red Knot Development’s director, but more importantly Laizer’s friend and partner in the work.

PASHA was filmed not only to tell Richard Laizer’s story, but to inspire youth in Tanzania towards cycling and personal development. Additionally, the film has been released in conjunction with Red Knot’s 2024 global online auction, a fundraiser for the organization’s various agriculture, livelihoods, and of course cycling projects.

The film and further information about Red Knot’s work is at https://www.redknotdevelopment.org/auction

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Red Knot Racing Company is the creator of Kilimanjaro Trail Run, Kili Trails Festival, and the Grumeti Fund Kilimanjaro 2 Natron MTB stage race. The company was founded to fund community development work and positively impact the lives of their neighbors. You can find Red Knot Racing’s full lineup of events and read about their development work at https://www.redknotdevelopment.org.

For inquiries, contact Brett Harrison at Brett@redknotdevelopment.org.