Remedy PR Announces Affiliate Marketing And Management Division Before The Critical Holiday Season

August 1, 2023

Division Leverages The Importance Affiliate Management Plays In PR Efforts

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – A strong affiliate management program is essential for any brand seeking PR coverage in the modern media landscape, especially consumer-focused brands that desire inclusion in coveted holiday gift guides. A brand that lacks a robust PR-focused affiliate component, with expert oversight, is multiple steps behind the competition for media attention. Remedy Public Relations is announcing its integrated affiliate marketing capabilities to help brands that need assistance launching their affiliate programs, or require additional support to ensure their affiliate initiatives do not hinder their media coverage.

The current media climate dictates that having an affiliate program alone is not enough to compete for media attention. A strong PR campaign requires an affiliate campaign that is competitive in structure, with the daily oversight of a team who understands how to connect with the leading publishers. Executed correctly, a strong affiliate management program increases the likelihood of repeat media interest, generates important backlinks, and creates longer-term relationships with publishers.

“The ‘set it and forget it’ model of affiliate program management is over. For consumer and lifestyle brands, and even those in the B2B and finance spaces, a strong affiliate program is critical for a successful PR campaign,” commented Bill Byrne, managing director of Remedy Public Relations. “Affiliate management is so important to modern PR that I find it incredibly suspect when a potential partner tells us that other PR teams did not ask about their affiliate marketing program in advance.”

Remedy quietly launched its affiliate management capabilities more than two years ago after learning some of its partners’ affiliate programs were an afterthought in their marketing initiatives. This coincided with findings from its signature PR audit program, which uncovered that many potential clients’ PR teams were not leveraging affiliate networks and often not insisting that their clients had these resources in place.

With the rise of different models, including ”hybrid performance” compensation, a PR-focused affiliate program must be competitive with rates, and managed by a team that can speak the language of the e-commerce editors at the leading publishers. Being able to adjust commissions for tier-A publishers, as well as leverage AOV, CPA, CTP, and other data, is critical to the success of a PR campaign. The Remedy team has deep experience managing the various existing affiliate networks and sub-networks, including Rakuten, Skimlinks, ShareASale, Impact, and Awin, and is constantly exploring emerging affiliate networks providing similar opportunities.

“Cookies are going away. Performance-based ads are costing more. PR continues to be an effective resource for awareness and brand building, but it takes more than a simple press release and relationships to make the magic happen,” continued Byrne. “If you don’t have an affiliate marketing program supporting your PR efforts, your product may as well be vaporware.”

About Remedy Public Relations

Remedy PR is a collaboration of senior communications strategists headquartered in San Diego, with team members in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and elsewhere across the country. Experts in the worlds of traditional PR, earned media, influencer marketing, thought leadership, and social media, the Remedy team brings brands unique communications solutions by presenting programs that are creative, realistic, and results-oriented through a focus on the media-first perspective.

More information on Remedy can be found online at www.RemedyPR.com.