Remedy PR Launches New NFT Metaverse Division For Outdoor Brands

March 31, 2022

/OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Remedy PR has a proven record of helping brand partners explore new media avenues before they become common targets for their competitors. Long before digitally native outlets were treated with the same respect as their elder counterparts, the Remedy team was consistently landing tier-A editorial in tastemaker outlets that yielded billions of global impressions. In line with their history of forward-thinking and creativity, Remedy is launching a new division explicitly focused on helping brands leverage the power of PR for their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other products in media outlets that originate from the Metaverse (Meta-Media). Dubbed Remedy Fungaverse, this new division of Remedy Public Relations will first focus on forward-thinking outdoor brands, with plans for broader expansion in Q3 of 2022.

The evolving Metaverse is ripe for potential for active-outdoor brands. As recreational activities continue to evolve in the Metaverse, Metazens (the common term for Metaverse citizens) will need brands they can rely on to keep them performing their best. From top-performing jackets built to stand up and stand out on the Metaverse’s virtual slopes, to the latest solar-powered SUV to transport Metazens and their families safely to the mountain, the demand for active-outdoor products built for the Metaverse will be high. As Metazens look for advice on their purchasing decisions, Remedy Fungaverse will be ready to guide its partners to the front pages of the Meta-Media.

“To channel my inner Madonna, we are living in a Metaverse world, and we are a Metaverse PR team,” commented Remedy PR’s co-founder and managing director, Bill Byrne.

“No, seriously, please don’t believe us. It’s April Fool’s Day (or close to it), and we’re having fun with something that we feel is a bit overhyped at the moment. We believe that NFTs and the Metaverse will play a role in the future of most brands, just as social media has. And there may even be media outlets in the future that publish only in the Metaverse. But for now, no one really knows what’s going to happen next or how far off we are. Smart brands will dabble with the Metaverse right now, develop followings and learn some best practices, so when the Metaverse is a dominant force, they can be a dominant player.”

Remedy PR was founded as the antidote for brands disappointed by public relations firms that over-promised and underdelivered. Based in San Diego, Remedy’s decentralized model implemented more than ten years ago, brings top talent and expert public relations professionals to drive media coverage for its clients. Unlike the traditional “training agency” model, media specialists Remedy PR’s account teams average 10-15 years of experience before joining Remedy, and often much more. By forgoing the traditional agency doors and cost structure, Remedy can recruit a higher caliber of associate to help its partners secure exposure in the media that matters to them.