Outdoor Retailer Q&A with American Outdoors TV & CampMaid Inventor

July 18, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY, UT. – CampMaid today announced American Outdoors TV Show is filming Q&A with CampMaid’s inventor at this year’s 2017 Outdoor Retailer Show. Attend and participate in the LIVE Q&A to meet the inventor of CampMaid, Ken Yocum, and hear about his journey becoming one of the fastest growing outdoor cooking companies in the US, as well as Australia, Asia, Canada, and Europe!

What started off as a “garage project” after retirement from his construction business, avid outdoorsman Ken Yocum designed and brought to market one of the most revolutionary changes to the Dutch Oven cooking industry. CampMaid’s tools have quickly become internationally adopted by many other outdoor cooking industries such as survival/preparedness, scouting, RV, music festivals, tailgating, BBQ competitions, military, river rafting, beach cookouts, truck drivers on the road, etc.

Buyers and merchandisers will hear about successful tips and tricks turned success stories by other retailers.  Business owners learn about overcoming challenges with manufacturing, supply chain, rapid growth, quality control, share your own stories and find creative ways to strategically partner.

CampMaid’s new Charcoal Chimney created excitement at the 2016 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show by unveiling the hottest new portable Charcoal Chimney which rapidly heats charcoal for outdoor cooking, which won Outdoor Retailer “Best-in-Show Light My Fire” Award.

Attend this year’s Outdoor Retailer on Wednesday, July 26 at 11:30 am for an opportunity to meet Ken Yocum. Booth #BR423.

About CampMaid

Dutch oven cooking has an old school cult following that has started to dwindle over the years as newer efficient camping gear entered the market. Still, nothing compares or replaces the love cast iron cookers have for their Dutch ovens so a couple buddies who have a passion for the outdoors embarked on a mission to revamp the industry with new innovation.

CampMaid designed a patented line of multi-use, compact, portable, outdoor cooking tools that adapt and transform any brand or size of Dutch oven to create a griddle, smoker, grill, steamer, pizza oven, frying pan, baking pot, and more, offering users a full range camp-kitchen-in-a-bag. CampMaid has grown over the last two years primarily by customer loyalty, word-of-mouth, and expanding the product line to include several new products launching in 2017. CampMaid’s new eco Coconut Charcoal has proven to burn twice as hot, and twice as long as regular charcoal, allowing you to pack half as much. The ashes are recyclable as a natural fertilizer for the environment. CampMaid’s new FireStarter fuel cubes instantly starts fire and stays lit in all weather conditions.

Versatile, safe, and leaves-no-trace, CampMaid has quickly become the most popular cooking tools for the Boy Scouts of America, camping, emergency preparedness/survivalists, tailgating, hunting, beach cookouts, parks, condos, and backyard BBQ’s.

CampMaid is a proud winner of the Best New Product at the National Hardware Show for the innovative Tailgate Pack and winner of the Outdoor Retailer “Light My Fire” Award for the portable Charcoal Chimney.

For more information, recipes, uses, etc., visit http://campmaid.com/.


Kelly Yocum