Revolutionize the Cycling Experience with Gazelle’s Summer Sale

June 30, 2023

Summer Sale Runs from July 1st Through August 31st

SANTA CRUZ, CA /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Gazelle Bikes, the renowned leader in the ebike industry, is thrilled to announce their Summer Sale from July 1 through August 31, with discounts ranging 12% to 22% off original MSRP. The limited-time offer allows consumers to experience the pinnacle of quality, comfort, and convenience with Gazelle’s UL 2840-compliant and certified Bosch mid-drive electric bikes starting from the unprecedented price of $1,999. The exclusive sale eliminates any uncertainty, allowing consumers to access high-performance electric biking without breaking the bank.

With a rich Dutch heritage of providing reliable two-wheeled transportation, Gazelle’s complete range of electric bicycles are the trusted choice for both recreational riders and commuters seeking effortless solutions to climb hills, carry cargo, and cover longer distances. Gazelle’s cutting-edge range of models offer an array of features, technologies, and accessories designed to elevate and enhance every rider’s experience.

“At Gazelle, we have been crafting the highest quality bikes for over 130 years. This year alone, we are building over 300,000 electric bikes at our factory in the Netherlands.” said Mark Danhof, General Manager for Gazelle North America. “Whether you are an experienced rider looking to upgrade your current bike, or a new rider looking for your first ebike with an entry-level Bosch mid-drive model for under $2,000, we believe that everyone deserves the joy of a remarkable ride, and this sale makes it possible.”

For customers in the market for a new ebike, Gazelle’s summer sale provides an opportunity to step through one of the brand’s electric bikes and experience powerful motors, long battery life, and a high level of comfort and convenience for commuting, exploring, and daily life. All 2022 models are available for purchase via Gazelle’s network of authorized dealers across the United States, where you can get personalized advice, take test rides, and bring your bike for service.

More information available here.

ABOUT GAZELLE BIKES: Gazelle’s history is very much the history of the bicycle as a popular means of urban transportation. Their original Dutch style comfort bike won over the hearts of cyclists in the Netherlands over 130 years ago. Today, Gazelle’s design legacy and ongoing technology enhancements have people all over the world falling in love again. Holding court at the forefront of innovation to make cycling more enjoyable and accessible, Gazelle is an integral part of Dutch cycling heritage, and its future. Staying in cadence with today’s global innovation with their line of electric bikes, Gazelle has positioned themselves as the benchmark for urban mobility – traditionally and contemporarily. Learn more at www.gazellebikes.com/en-us.


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