ROAM Media Unveils New Class with World’s Most Accomplished Explorer Mike Horn

April 22, 2021

Iconic Adventurer Pilots Latest Course, “Achieving Your Dreams”

(BOULDER, CO – APRIL 2021) – ROAM Media, the Colorado-based start-up committed to quality storytelling and outdoor education, founded by the world’s best adventure athletes, photographers, and filmmakers, today unveiled a new online course led by world-renowned explorer Mike Horn, focused on adventure, motivation and drive.

Entitled “Achieving Your Dreams,” the 12-part course culls the best life lessons learned by Horn, the 54-year-old global expeditionist who has touched some of the farthest reaches on the planet and completed some of the world’s most ambitious and spectacular adventures. Horn is perhaps best known for swimming the Amazon River solo and unsupported as well as his unmotorized circumnavigation of the globe at the equator, but he has also circumnavigated the Arctic Circle and scaled four of the world’s highest mountains without the use of supplemental oxygen.


Horn is also the author of eight books chronicling his adventures, as well as an accomplished public speaker and motivational coach focused on the values of determination and courage, and how to extend the boundaries of human achievement. ROAM Media’s 12-part course will focus on many of the same topics, including inspiration, discipline, adversity and resilience.

“This particular class transcends adventure, and is truly about moving from being a dreamer to a doer. Mike has learned over time to develop a straightforward process to figure out the intent of what you want to do, and then how to actually make it happen,” said ROAM Media Chief Operating Officer Andy Patrick.

“Mike is so direct and articulate, and he has a level of intensity that isn’t intimidating, it’s actually very encouraging and powerful. We’re thrilled to have him share his life lessons in these courses.”


Horn is one of the founding members of ROAM Media along with Academy Award-winning filmmaker Jimmy Chin, celebrated snowboarders Jeremy Jones and Travis Rice, among many others. The “Achieving Your Dreams” course is available now, and those interested in learning these skills from the best in adventure sports can purchase access to ROAM Academy’s entire curriculum of courses via a monthly fee of $15 or pay a one-time annual fee of $149.

Membership also includes access to private online member groups, access to the Founding Member roster via regular Q+As, the annual ROAM Awards contest, hours of original quality content via ROAM’s original shows and mini-documentaries, including videos and podcasts, travel partnerships and more planned for 2021.

To become a member and gain access to ROAM Academy’s online curriculum, visit roammedia.com/pricing.

About ROAM Media

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