Roark Makes Key Leadership Hires and Promotion

September 5, 2023

The fast growing and award-winning adventure lifestyle brand announces talent acquisitions that position it for the future

Irvine, Ca. September 5, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Roark is excited to announce key additions to the leadership team, including two new hires, and a newly created role to support growth and to defend the brand’s unique positioning within the surf, outdoor and apparel industries.

“We’re grateful to be at a junction point to acquire and promote a few great leaders to help us continue our growth. Each stage requires different skill sets, experience and characters – I’m beyond stoked that our team has built the brand foundation to attract high quality individuals that share our values and are energized to build great things.” says Ryan Hitzel, Founder and CEO.

Mike Wallace joins Roark as the Global Marketing Director and will report to Hitzel. Mike will be a key member of the leadership team and lead Global Marketing efforts across all divisions and channels. He’ll be the keeper of the brand and be tasked with telling best in class stories about adventurism and the gear that gets you there. “I can’t imagine a better moment for Mike to join Roark. His methodical approach to communicating with the consumer, partnering with surf shops to differentiate a brand and to help the core win has always been admirable. Wally’s passionate, intuitive, smart and extremely competitive – we’re fired up to have him in our corner.” says Hitzel.

Mike adds, “I have always been impressed and inspired by Roark’s passion for making high quality products and telling powerful stories. Their commitment to their core consumer is unwavering. This was the perfect opportunity for us to join forces. I am so excited to be a part of what is already such an amazing team and look forward to playing a big role in Roark’s next chapter. Ryan is an amazing leader and it is a testament to him and the team that Roark has stayed so disciplined in their vision for the brand. I can’t wait to get to work.”

Roark also enters the next phase of business with the acquisition of Greg Bravo as Men’s Design Director. He’ll also be a member of the leadership team as he leads the men’s design effort, tasked to grow Roark’s menswear, as well as the fast-moving Run Amok collection of running and activewear.

“Embarking on this new chapter with Roark is an exhilarating leap, fueled by seventeen incredible years of growth and learning at Billabong. As the tide of change carries me to new horizons, I’m thrilled to join Roark, a company that shares my passion for innovation, sustainability and pushing boundaries. With gratitude for the past and excitement for the future, I’m ready to ride the waves of opportunity and contribute my best to this thrilling journey ahead.” says Bravo.

His experience, craftsmanship and vision are all reasons why the consumer has connected with his work. “We are so excited to have Greg come onboard. His track record in creating some of the best products the industry has seen over the past 10+ years speaks for itself. It’s a huge addition for the brand.” adds Rick Lohr, Director of M&D. Greg will report to Rick.

Mike and Greg both come from long and successful careers in lead roles at Billabong.

Along with these additions, Roark is promoting Corey Brindley from Marketing Director to a newly formed role as Director of Content Creation. Corey will manage the voice of the brand and content building from the ground up. He’ll also contribute to the inspiration points of each collection in a significant way. Corey will report to Ryan and remain on the leadership team.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Corey’s ability to make things since he did it at Thalia St. Surf Shop and The Wax Ball, an influential live music series that highlighted artists like Ty Segal, Spindrift and Ray Barbee. Over the past 3 years, Corey has owned the voice of Roark and led amazing projects that fused a sense of wanderlust with art and music. He’s brought a sense of levity and creativity to both our adventures and product storytelling. I can’t wait to see what he cooks up with Wally and Greg, it’s going to be incredible.” states Hitzel.

About Roark:

Roark is an Adventure Lifestyle brand with a desire to tell authentic stories born of travel and discovery, while striving to create the essential travel-tailored gear for your travels. Each season, Roark creates a collection of purpose-built gear with styling details fit to accommodate needs from the trail to the bar. Inspiration comes from a chosen destination where their team explores and tests the product amongst a myriad of activities: surfing, climbing, trail running, skating and more. Durable quality and comfort is the guiding light, while Roark continues to utilize and expand upon sustainable fabrics and Fair Trade partners throughout each collection.

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