Rumpl’s 2023 Impact Report Highlights Significant Advances in Sustainability Efforts

July 3, 2024

Rumpl’s annual self-published Impact Report proudly showcases the brand's significant strides in sustainability, with noteworthy achievement of an increased B Corporation score

Portland, Oregon (July 3, 2024) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – Rumpl, the pioneering brand behind the Technical Blanket category and the Original Puffy Blanket, is pleased to publish its 2023 Impact Report. This comprehensive report, released in conjunction with Rumpl’s 10-year anniversary, marks a decade of innovation and sustainability leadership in the outdoor industry.

Rumpl’s 2023 Impact Report highlights several significant achievements in sustainability. Notably, the brand has reduced its overall carbon footprint, increased its B Corp score, and made strides in supply chain, sourcing, and company practices to align with its commitment to reducing environmental impact. Since 2019, Rumpl has offset 25,034 tco2, equivalent to removing 5,400+ cars from the road for a year. These carbon offsets, in partnership with BioLite, Cool Effect and EcoCart, have led to Rumpl being certified as a Climate Neutral brand. In addition, Rumpl has strategically reduced carbon emissions by incorporating post-consumer recycled materials in its products and supply chain in place of virgin plastics and non-organic materials.

“We took our motto, ‘Made for Whatever Unfolds,’ as our mantra for 2023,” said Rumpl CEO Wylie Robinson. “It wasn’t an easy year for the industry. We had an excess of inventory we couldn’t metabolize, but we used our learnings to reassess our strategy and impact on the environment. We’re moving forward with a stronger approach that better suits our company beliefs of looking to the future responsibly.”

Internally, Rumpl shifted its 87/13 Male/Female Board of Director representation to 67/23 M/F, aligning with national averages. Rumpl also achieved just under its goal of 40% BIPOC representation on social media content.

For more information regarding Rumpl’s sustainability initiatives and products, please contact Rumpl PR Manager Scout Petersen, scout@purpleorangepr.com.

About Rumpl:

Born of van life and enjoyed by adventure seekers everywhere, Rumpl exists to enrich the outdoor experience through versatile, high-performance comforts. Rumpl is the inventor of The Original Puffy Blanket and the originator of the technical blanket category. The brand’s products enhance places and pursuits, from mountains to beaches and every adventure in between. Rumpl’s vision is to get more people outdoors, comfortable and prepared for whatever unfolds. Learn more at www.rumpl.com.