SEIRUS Supports Efforts To Create California Office of Outdoor Recreation

August 22, 2019

San Diego, CA (August 22, 2019) – Seirus Innovation, leaders in innovation and technology dedicated to head, hand and feet protection, joined forces with California industry leaders and representatives Monday in support of AB1111, a bill to create a state Office of Outdoor Recreation that would increase jobs and economic growth in the outdoor recreation industry, promote outdoor recreation opportunities for all Californians, and foster collaboration among state and local partners to increase recreation-oriented tourism. California would be the 16th state to open an Office of Outdoor Recreation.

With California contributing over $92 Billion to the $887 Billion outdoor industry, and well over 50% of Californians of outdoor recreation participants, Danica Carey, Seirus’ Director of Marketing and California Outdoor Recreation Partnership (CORP) Board Member, is passionate about bill AB1111 being passed.

“California has so much to offer in the outdoors, from the western coastline to the eastern deserts and the mountains and forests in between There is so much room to play and explore a diverse range of activities and landscapes, all within hours of each other. It’s an honor to advocate for such a unique resource.”

The mission of CORP is to establish a greater voice for the active recreation industry to shape policy, direct investment, and engage a broader community of outdoor participants.

The Seirus brand is deeply engrained in the outdoor market and has been based in California since its inception. Carey brings years of experience and a shared vision for outdoor voices of California.

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About CORP:

Established to empower a voice for the active recreation industry to shape policy, direct investment, and engage a broader community of outdoor participants in California, CORP is dedicated to ensuring that lawmakers and land managers recognize and promote the economic, educational, environmental, public health and social benefits that the outdoor recreation economy brings to California.

 About Seirus:

Seirus is an authentic outdoor brand that can be counted on to deliver premium products and technologies designed to enhance the comfort and performance of active outdoor enthusiasts in any condition. For over 30 years the team at Seirus has focused on innovation to develop and deliver groundbreaking technologies and products. Seirus sustains its success by constantly surpassing what is standard and using the best materials and workmanship. Seirus products are easily purchased online at and at retail shops across America.