Sharkbanz Partners with Groundswell PR for Influencer and Media Relations

March 14, 2016

Sharkbanz, makers of magnetic shark repellent technology, has appointed Groundswell PR to oversee its media and influencer relations in the travel, technology and active lifestyle arenas.

“We’re looking forward to working with Groundswell PR to grow awareness of Sharkbanz technology and support of ocean conservation around the world,” says Nathan Garrison, Sharkbanz Co-Founder, Director of Marketing and Sales. “Groundswell’s deep roots and proven communication strategies in active lifestyle categories, coupled with their shared passion for the sports and oceans we all love, gives us great confidence that there will be a new surge of awareness for Sharkbanz here in the United States.”

Sharkbanz are a convenient shark deterrent for the beachgoer, swimmer and surfer. Created by surfers and divers and tested by marine biologists on predatory shark species, Sharkbanz use patented magnetic technology to interfere with sharks’ sensitive electroreceptors. Sharkbanz do not harm sharks or other sea creatures, use no batteries, require no charging and are designed to endure the most rigorous water sports. Just buckle it on and enjoy your ocean adventures with greater peace of mind.

Based in Charleston, SC, Groundswell PR brings over 20 years of active lifestyle public relations and marketing experience to the table, representing a variety of clients in the active lifestyle and natural products industries.

“Sharkbanz is pioneering magnetic shark repellant technology with tested science and proven results all the while making it stylish, easily wearable and affordable,” says Groundswell PR co-founder Dax Kelm. “Living in a community centered around ocean life gives us another level of respect for what the crew at Sharkbanz is doing to offer beachgoers extra peace of mind when recreating in the ocean.”

About Groundswell PR

With over 20 years of collective active lifestyle public relations and marketing experience, Groundswell PR specializes in maximizing media, consumer and industry exposure for companies, destinations and organizations looking to increase sales and capture new and exciting audiences. Groundswell’s extensive mix of marketing services combine authentic branding and communication methods with a lifetime of rad experiences deeply rooted in the outdoor, action sports and natural products industries. Groundswell PR is a boutique shop located in Charleston, South Carolina. For more information, visit www.GroundswellPR.com.