SHEMP® is making sustainability stylish with the release of their beanies and socks this winter.

February 2, 2023

February 2, 2023 /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ – The SHEMP Yarn Co. (https://shempyarn.com) is introducing beanies and socks to their collection.

Using the superpowers of wool and hemp, SHEMP® has created beautiful items that help save water, reduce greenhouse emissions, and prevent textile waste! As the only wool and hemp yarn on the market, SHEMP products aren’t only better regarding sustainability but more durable, versatile, and breathable. Now, the SBA Certified WOSB is expanding its line to beanies and socks, creating more sustainable styles for its loyal fanbase.

Their creamy grey beanies rocking the adorable SHEMP logo are the perfect way to keep your noggin warm this winter. You can get one for $50 and add a splash of color to the inside for free! Choose from blue, purple, black, or brown, so SHEMP can create a beanie that oozes your personal style.

The highly anticipated release of their Ragg Socks is here! Since wool and hemp are the ideal materials for socks, SHEMP can’t wait to share their latest project. These socks aren’t only the perfect material, but they’re eye-catching as well. Whether you wear them without ribs or flip them inside out to reveal their texture, you’ll surely get compliments. And what’s better than being able to change things up with a versatile sock that’s also great for the environment?

Don’t miss out on the beanie or socks this season. It feels good to invest in products that are good for you and the environment, so let SHEMP® make it easy.

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Susan Barnhardt