Simpresso® travel espresso maker @ Peet’s®

July 25, 2019

There was a time it was hard to find a true espresso, not anymore.

We are stoked to announce Simpresso® espresso makers are now available at Peet’s® Coffee &Tea. Nobody does coffee better than Peet’s®.

If you are in range of a Peet’s® cafe, by all means head there for your coffee. Everyplace else, say in a submarine or home in your shorts, Simpresso® has you covered. The lever mechanism produces high pressure with a minimum of moving parts. The 4oz water tank allows for +2X espressos.  Read the complete feature list here. Before that, just notice the see-through body. No competitor product is this easy to keep clean. That’s exceptional product design.

Simpresso® is also sold at Airstream® Travel Trailers, and coming to Crate and Barrel®. Anyone can put anything on Amazon®, reviewed by who knows who. When you shop at better stores, you get tested products, and service to boot.

We recommend Peet’s® beans or their Nespresso® compatible capsules. Simpresso® pours both. So go ahead, enjoy an espresso, right now, on the spot.

Portable Espresso, LLC., in Pittsburgh PA,  is the US distributor for Simpresso® espresso makers, made by Simposh®, and other coffee products.

Nick Thompson
412-720-6425 (cell/txt)

Peet’s® Coffee & Tea, Airstream® Travel Trailers, Crate & Barrel® stores, and Nespresso® coffee capsules are separate brand businesses, not affiliated with Portable Espresso, LLC. or Simpresso® espresso makers.