Skida Headwear and Accessories Releases 18/19 Vermont Collection

January 22, 2018

Burlington, VT. (Jan. 22, 2018) – Skida, a Burlington, Vermont-based and ski-inspired headwear and accessories brand specializing in locally-made, colorful, limited edition prints for men, women and kids, introduces the 2018-19 Vermont Collection, drawing inspiration from a “making connections” theme.

Skida’s roots in the ski community inspire the brand’s leading category, the Vermont Collection, which is defined by colorful, limited edition prints for women, men and kids and is 100% crafted by local Vermont seamstresses. The collection is an extension of the product styles that include hats, headbands and neckwear.

The theme behind this season’s collection of patterns is “making connections”, a tribute to cohesive colorways and thought out patterns that overlap, allowing for more mixing and matching of styles. Designed by founder, Corinne Prevot, alongside other artists, the prints and products are consistent with the brand pillars of the company: made in Vermont, limited edition, and a fresh perspective.

“It’s our most diverse, yet cohesive collection to date,” says Prevot. “There is something here for everyone. The patterns illustrate a playful celebration of color, fun, and energy both individually and as a whole, which is fitting as we head into our 10th season of Skida. There’s a lot to be excited about!”

Skida’s new VT Collection will be on display at the brand’s 2018 OR + SS booth #39017-UL and available online and at select retailers in Fall 2018.

For more information, visit Skida.com or contact Jesse Ambrogi-Yanson at jesse@whitecloudcommunication.com.

About Skida

Founded in 2008, Skida is a Burlington, VT based company that designs and produces ski-inspired headwear and accessories. Skida believes in local production, limited edition products and a fresh perspective. Driven by a love for outdoor adventure, Skida’s products match an active, playful lifestyle for women, men, and children. Skida sources high quality performance fabrics for the Vermont Collection and a luxury Cashmere line sourced directly from family-operated factories and local craftsman in Nepal. For more information or to learn more about custom ordering, visit skida.com.