Sportswear Brand EC3D Launches in the US With Innovative, Reusable 98.1% PFE Face Masks

October 21, 2020

The Quebec-based compression company pivots their superior manufacturing to battling the worldwide pandemic

Quebec, Canada (October 21, 2020) Engineered Compression 3 Dimensional (EC3D) – creators of medical-grade compression garments – are applying their 25-years of performance material research and development from socks, tightsand post-op garments, to copper face masks. Available in three models, the masks score a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 84.4% and a Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) of 98.1% PFE – an industry leader for reusable face-coverings.

 Differentiated by design, the masks feature tight weaving on top of the nose, a thoughtful density weaving zone, a second layer of protection by high-temperature lamination, and the brand’s signature copper fiber. Washable and reusable, EC3D masks actively fight bacteria, destroying them in approximately 4 hours (compared to a regular surface where bacteria may remain active for up to an estimated period between 24 hours and 4 days).

 When the pandemic hit, EC3D quickly decided to convert their high-quality manufacturing and medical expertise to develop a unique mask to help stop the virus’s spread.

 “While COVID-19 has created a new normal, we feel it is critical to continue to innovate and provide gear that will help keep our community safe and active,” said EC3D Founder and CEO, Danny Ayoub. Ayoub has a legacy of innovation, co-founding Gildan – the world’s largest T-shirt manufacturer – in 1982 before establishingEC3D in 2005.

 Focusing on comfort, the mask’s form-fittingtechnology increases the prevention of bacteria efficiency. The microfibers used – polypropylene and spandex – retain three times less water than nylon, resulting in a dry garment that feels cool during summer and warm during winter.

 After enjoying success and accolades in the Canadian market, EC3D is now adding The United States to its focus and outreach.

 “We’ve had requests from doctor’s offices, athletes, and moms looking to protect their families,” Ayoub said about the launch. “So much so that we felt the need to increase our speed to the American market.”

In addition to their recreational versions, the 3D Pro Sport Mask is engineered to stay in place during even the toughest workouts with a comfortable elastic harness. The masks are all reusable and have been helping combat sports and some police academies re-open their activity in Canada.

 Originating in the sportswear category, EC3D makesa variety of innovative men’s and women’s compression clothing and accessories that is covered by the majority of Canadian private insurance companies. Their team of designers has a flair for finding original and physiologically useful ideas, which are then tested and approved by a team of collaborators composed of health professionals, professional athletes and amateurs. They are also certified by Health Canada and the FDA as Class 1 medical devices and CE marking. All-in-all, EC3D is dedicated to creating quality products that will make a difference in your next workout.

For additional information, visit https://us.ec3dsports.com


 EC3D optimal compression technology is the result of 25 years of state-of-the-art technological innovation for the medical field woven with a devotion to the active lifestyle. Their Made in Canada compression gear helps to improve athletic performance by improving blood circulation to provide a more effective blood flow to filter toxins from muscles during exercise (lactic acid) and provide better oxygenation to the muscles.Less fatigue, faster recovery and muscle injury prevention, that’s the EC3D promise. Used by NHL, NFL and Olympic athletes, EC3D under garments have helped thousands of athletes to be at their best. Originally founded by Gilbert & Danny Ayoub (co-founders of T-shirt brand Gildan) along with Michelle Simon, awarded designer, and her Daughter Carine Villeneuve.