Studies and Observations Group Unveils New Brand and Product Direction

January 21, 2020

Shifts toward being a solutions provider

Lynnwood, WA Founded in 1986, Studies and Observations Group (SOG) took its name to honor an elite Special Forces military group of the Vietnam War Now, 34 years later, SOG raises the curtain on a new era, positioning the long-trusted brand as a mission-centric solutions provider.

SOG built a reputation by manufacturing proven, essential knives, tools and gear used by military, law enforcement, first responders, outdoor enthusiasts and other self-reliant individuals. After a deep and detailed re-examination of itself, SOG committed to fully leverage its unique history and multi-category offerings to push toward future-focused systems that deliver situation-ready confidence. Today, the company announces an extensive transformation of its stance, offering and direction.

“For the past two years, SOG has been positioning itself to be at the leading edge on a surge of change. We’ve evolved with an eye on the future,” said Joe Mc Swiney, CEO of SOG. “We’ve been honing our mission of enhancing human potential and are determined to be an enabler of individual achievement in challenging and changing environments.”

SOG’s breadth of gear solutions will increase in the future, with an expanded focus on delivering systems rather than just standalone items. But SOG’s reconfiguration of the brand is more than simply broadening its product line. In addition to the reconfigured approach, the brand will have a focused multi-category foundation; allowing each product to speak directly to its end-user. The new direction provides a way for long-term users to experience the latest product offerings with a more guided design.

“We’re driven to create personal gear solutions that interface seamlessly with the operator,” said Mc Swiney. “We want to enable your achievement of maximum potential by providing products that will deliver boldly and confidently through flawless function. As the tempo of human achievement gets faster and faster, SOG deepens our commitment to keep up. That’s evident in our new products for 2020, and forms the backbone of where we’ll continue to go.”

The manifestation of SOG’s transformative efforts are found in the new range of 2020 knives and tools. Each of SOG’s new offerings are founded on insights provided by SOG’s cadre of end-users, made up of professional, outdoor and everyday carry enthusiasts. From those insights, SOG applies a process of study, observe, understand, apply and repeat before committing to a design solution. Coupling these user insights, with decades of experience in design and engineering innovation, establishes a new standard for SOG.

The 2020 products include complete redesigns of several SOG knives and multi-tools, all featuring new technologies and innovations, materials and colors — all built to meet or exceed the specific demands of the users they’ve been deliberately designed for, be it for professional, outdoor or daily use.

The refresh isn’t limited to brand and product either, with packaging also revamped to assist consumers in making more informed decisions at the point of sale. SOG’s website has been overhauled and reconfigured to optimize the online experience. SOG has adjusted its dealer and re-seller policies to ensure protection of both the brand and specialty retailers. On every front, SOG is making headway to improve the brand experience, be it in the hands of end-users or with SOG’s trusted retail partners.

The SOG of 2020 pushes into an even greater extension of the original intent from when the company was founded in 1986. SOG is on a mission that continues a philosophy to study and observe, and through this, provide users with tools designed to equip generations to come for a greater purpose.

About Studies and Observations Group

Based in Seattle, SOG takes its name to honor an elite Special Forces military group of the Vietnam era. SOG was founded in 1986 by Spencer Frazer. Working closely with end-users, utilizing a design process of study, observe, understand, apply and repeat, SOG strives to provide enhanced capabilities for human potential. Focused on professional, outdoor and daily users, SOG’s purpose is to make each generation of users the most confident and capable yet through a diverse range of situation-ready gear. SOG’s solutions span knives, multi-tools, illumination, packs and other gear.