Sunski Introduces the all-new Treeline Infusing Everyday Wearability into the Timeless Glacier Goggle

January 18, 2018

San Francisco, CA – January 18, 2018 – Sunski, maker of stylish eyewear that combines affordability with luxury features, is excited to introduce a fresh take on the iconic glacier goggle with the all-new Treelines (MSRP $89). The brand’s versatile, everyday sunglasses deliver glacier goggle performance without a price tag that screams “not for me.”

Inspired by frontier exploration and ultimate adventure, the Treelines combine the spirit of the iconic glacier goggle with the everyday wearability of a regular pair of sunglasses.  Removable, perforated side panels provide added glare protection on comfortable, lightweight frames.

Weighing in at just one ounce, the Sunski Treelines are jam packed with features – recessed rubber nosepads, polarized lenses, tortoise shell finish, and a lifetime warranty – but the most important detail is their removable, perforated side panels that block harsh glare. The tiny holes let in just enough air to keep the lenses from fogging while also providing just enough visibility to not entirely wipe out your peripheral vision. The side panels are held firmly in place by a recessed magnet to enable the wearer to sport two different looks depending on mood or activity.

“Team Sunski spends a lot of time in the mountains, and our customers do as well. We usually prefer wearing sunglasses over goggles, certainly for hiking if not always for sunny, spring skiing,” Tom Stewart, Sunski co-founder, “but even the best sunglasses let in squint-inducing light from the sides. After watching people add duct tape flaps to their sunglasses to add more protection, we decided it was high time to inject some Sunski comfort and practicality into the glacier goggle mix.”

The Treelines will be available in two colors, Black Slate Tortoise and Tortoise Forest, the first day of Spring, March 20, 2018 on sunski.com. To see Treeline and the entire Spring 2018 collection, visit Sunski in Venture Out (booth Sunski – VO324-SL) at the Outdoor Retailer | Snow Show next week.

About Sunski
Launched in 2012 on Kickstarter, Sunski is disrupting the sunglass market, offering stylish eyewear that combines affordability with luxury features. Based in San Francisco, Sunski is a proud member of 1% For the Planet, and tries to capture their love for the outdoors in everything they make. For the beach, mountains and everywhere the sun’s out. More information can be found at sunski.com. Follow all brand updates on Instagram (@sunski), Facebook (@sunskis) and Twitter (@sunskis)